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The New Year at APPPAH has begun and we are excited with all that is planned for our members. APPPAH is here to serve you and your professional work. Many good things continue to add benefits to membership in this great organization.  I hope that you all continue working to bring at least one of your colleagues into membership with us this year. 
Please note that your Membership Newsletter comes to you quarterly with the JOPPPAH issue and this year will include free lecture offerings.  If you are not receiving your quarterly membership newsletter, please make sure your membership is active by registering or renewing here. (The newsletter you are reading is our monthly updates for anyone at no charge.)
Sandra Bardsley
APPPAH President
APPPAH's dynamic and unique prenatal and perinatal educator program (PPNE) continues to grow.  From the 36 students who began in 2013, the program has expanded to serve 240 students in 25 countries. 
Perhaps one of the best parts of joining PPNE are the bonus benefits.  I love the Monday Live and Innovations Lecture Seriesand the link to Michael Mendizza's Touch the Future Academy(TTF).  I encourage you to explore all that is being offered in this rich and well-organized program. "I am extremely impressed!" says PPNE student, Sally Dear-Healy, PhD, below.
Meanwhile, APPPAH's education and PR chairperson, Kate White and Lisa Reagan, have put together a very helpful In Utero Film Discussion and Resource Guide for people who are forming groups to explore some of the ideas presented in the film and the feelings evoked from the powerful viewing experience.  The guide also carries the reader beyond the edges of the film and into the wider, holistic realm of birth psychology.  Thanks to many of our members, the guide is being translated into several languages.  The film has been translated into ten languages so far. I love seeing so many of you reaching out in several ways to help APPPAH serve and fulfill our mission.
Birth Psychology Month is coming up in March, and your board is already preparing diligently for it.  APPPAH exists to serve as an education base and clearing house for birth psychology.   It is our non-profit mandate and privilege to spread the word that APPPAH is the "Heart of Good Birth" and exists to serve professionals and parents.
As part of our ongoing commitment to you members, the board continues working on our five-year strategic plan.  We introduced this plan at the membership meeting of the 2015 International Congress and reported an update at the 2016 APPPAH Regional Congress in Seattle. I hope that you are planning to attend the 2017 International Congress in San Diego this year to learn more about how the strategic plan is progressing.  The upcoming congress, The Conscious Baby Emerges, is going to be another great event that you won't want to miss.  Register early to get the best prices. 
In closing, I want to report on APPPAH's work with the United Nations Commission.  In 2016, APPPAH met with several of our international affiliates to assist with the development of the Childhood and Early Parenting Principles Manifesto (CEPP's). On February 8, our medical director, Joel Evans, MD, and I will be representing APPPAH at the 55th session of the UN Commission for Social Development (CSocD55) where our group will be introducing the CEPP's as a "strategy for the eradication of poverty to achieve sustainable development for all."  We will introduce the fact that by starting before conception and supporting the MotherBaby and Father throughout pregnancy, birth and early childhood, we can reduce the transgenerational effects of poverty consciousness that begins in the womb.
As your current president, I am excited to serve you again throughout this coming year.  Let's continue to strengthen APPPAH together.   
Sandra Bardsley
APPPAH President
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