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Dear APPPAH Member,

March is hastening on and the Spring Equinox is once again starting to bring a sense of vibrancy all around us.  I hope that you have taken advantage of many of the free offers from APPPAH in celebration of our Birth Psychology Month. Congratulations to the hundreds of members who have taken advantage of several of the free offerings this month. There is still some time remaining and I encourage you to check out the recordings of this month's Lectures below, as well as register for the remaining events. These programs were designed to give you a taste of the wonderful offerings that come with your APPPAH membership.
APPPAH'S ANNUAL BOARD MEETING. At the beginning of March, APPPAH's very active board met for our annual board retreat at the home of our board advisor David Surrenda and his wife Lisa Rafel in Oakland, CA.  For three days we met to discuss and diligently work on APPPAH's Five Year Strategic Plan that was introduced to the membership at the 2015 International Congress.  We welcomed three new board members, Barbra Hotelling, Kate White and Lisa Reagan. It was a very productive and invigorating weekend.  We have some great plans in motion for APPPAH's continuing success and influence in the world.  We are most grateful for the fine guidance given to us and are thrilled to serve APPPAH members, especially during this time of  resurgence.
PPNE's GLOBAL REACH. It is such an important mission to continue educating the world on the conscious unborn and newborn baby.  Please keep adding your strength to these efforts. The unborn and newborn babies, as well as their parents who are lovingly welcoming them onto this earth, are blessed by every effort you each are making in your respective fields of work. As I have mentioned before, our Professional Prenatal Psychology Educator course (PPNE) represents a growing global community.  APPPAH's Conscious Baby Parenting program is also coming along well and will be a great gift to parents as they prepare emotionally and spiritually for their new role.  
APPPAH'S INTERNATIONAL NETWORK. APPPAH's work with our affiliates nationally and internationally is continuing to have a positive impact on shaping policies that support healthy families.  Through our work with the Childhood and Early Parenting Principles initiative (CEPP's), and the global network their initiative provides, we are beginning to see positive policy changes through the UN.  Government policy makers are beginning to make important changes for improving the focus on early childhood development and supporting the Mother, Father and Family.  We are very glad that APPPAH is part of this global initiative.
CONGRESS REGISTRATION. I hope that many of you are saving your money to join us for the 2017 International Congress, Nov. 30 - Dec. 3 in San Diego.  Remember, if you need, there are volunteer positions you can apply for to reduce your congress fee.  Also, the earlier that you register the more you save because the registration fee continues to go up as the months go by: reserve your place early.  
WOULD YOU LIKE TO SERVE? We are always looking for skilled professionals to serve on the APPPAH board.  This year the office of Secretary is opening.  If you have any interest in filling this position, please contact our administrative director, Danielle Burns, at or our current board secretary, Peg Bledsoe at If you have other skills you would like to bring to our attention please also contact our administrative director.  We can use skills of financial management, para-legal or legal skills, marketing skills, and others.  Also, each committee has need of volunteers to help with smaller aspects of membership, public relations, education and the diversity committee.  Come join us!
PLEASE SUPPORT APPPAH. I hope that each of you will enjoy the rest of your spring.  Make some plans to start some new things for your own pleasure.  Perhaps plant a garden of vegetables or flowers, or start learning a new skill such as painting or writing.  Any joyful thing to feel the sense of growth and new beginning that springtime brings. We are grateful for your needed and ongoing support. Happy Spring!
Sandra Bardsley, APPPAH President
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