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In Nature and in the world, it is full-on gardening season in the Northern Hemisphere.  As an international leader, APPAH's world wide garden is tended by many members, professionals and organizations whose volunteer efforts and support create a bumper harvest of resources, education and community.  Many of you are presently helping with the planning, tending and growth, and I encourage everyone to find ways to participate in furthering this much needed and welcome prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPN) harvest. 

Donations Fertilize and Boost Our Efforts!

One way that is valuable to furthering this work is your personal tax-deductible donations to APPPAH.  We promise to use your monetary donations to exponentially expand our ongoing nonprofit work and the efforts of our many volunteers.  Please make your tax-deductible donation here and renew your membership here.   

Be a Volunteer Tender of the APPPAH Garden  

We can use your volunteer help and enthusiasm for this wonderful work.  For instance, our Facebook administrator could use minimal help, "only one hour a week," to help with our impressive and active APPPAH Facebook page.  

Your highly-involved board members continue to develop the Marketing Department, Public Relations Department, Education Department, Diversity Department, Secretary Department, Membership Department and Administrative Office of APPPAH.  We are always looking for committee members to serve on those committee's.  

In the APPPAH annual membership meeting announcement (for paid members), there are several votes and nominations needing your response. There are three new board interns needing your initial vote (final acceptance will occur at the 2017 membership meeting).  

We are presently looking for someone to train as APPPAH's new secretary and accepting nominations for a new, incoming president of APPPAH for the end of 2018.  Our wonderful Peg Bledsoe will be retiring from the board at the end of this year.

Contact Peg Bledsoe or Danielle Burns at if you are interested in serving in this capacity.

Our Diversity Committee also made strides in bringing APPPAH's programs to ever more diverse audiences this year.  Any student that is studying a subject focusing on maternal-child health can apply for a one year, free membership in APPPAH.  Contact our Diversity committee to apply at

Many hands make work light, so if you have skills in any of those areas and feel inclined to serve in some small way, please notify us by contacting Danielle Burns at

Our International Garden

In the month of April we were busy making further contacts with our affiliates.  The organization involving our UN workCEPPs, is proceeding well.  Listen to an interview with CEPPs founder, Valerie Unite, to discover their round table vision for the alliance they represent at the United Nations.  Read the website and encourage organizations you are affiliated with to sign on in support of this manifesto. Doing so will strengthen our support when we go to present at the UN again in 2018.  

The beginning of May led APPPAH to more international connections with a trip to London. One of our pioneer members, Wendy Ann McCarty, presented as a keynote speakers at the "Breath of Life Conference".  That same weekend I also attended the "Attachment and Trauma: The Resilience of Mind and Body Conference" also held in London.  Both conferences provided good exposure of APPPAH to these fine audiences.  ISC International was the coordinating group for one of the conferences and John Wilkes ran the Breath of Life Conference.  Both contacts offer great future opportunities and exposure for the PPN perspective that APPPAH speakers have to share. The conferences hosted 1200 to 1500 people.  

APPPAH is also busy forming contacts with potential affiliates in Spain, Italy, Central and South America and India who have each expressed interest in APPPAH's work. The PPNE course continues to grow and impact several countries, bringing growing interest. We are so pleased with the amount of graduates who are completing the course and thus spreading the word of PPN throughout the world.  

Upcoming Congress  

Speaking of the upcoming international congress, The Conscious Baby Emerges: Science, Medical, Psycho-Social and Somatic Discoveries, from Nov. 30 - Dec. 3, will be held in San Diego.  See the hotel and transportation information below, as well as our speaker line-up. Our early registration pricing ends the end of May, so register now!

We are still looking for volunteers for the Congress. In case you are concerned about volunteering, you will not miss any of the events of the weekend.  At the same time, you will give your personal pocket-book some relief with the lowered conference rate for volunteers.  To find out more about this service opportunity, please contact Peg Bledsoe, conference chairperson at  

Places of Birth and Parent Education - New Crops!

Speaking of parents, the education department continues to work on developing and enhancing the Conscious Baby parenting program for its future launch.  Much was recently learned from parents who helped us by completing our pilot program.  The Education Department was made aware of more things we can develop and improve upon for this exciting online program.  

APPPAH continues to work on our project of Places of Birth, POB, guided by Joel Evans, MD, and John Chamberlain.  Progress is being made with meeting some of the requests of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, ACOG, as well as the American College of Nurse-Midwives, ACNM.  APPPAH member Heather Clarke, CNM has been instrumental in helping our education department make a fine presentation of PPN 101 at the recent ACNM conference. Heather's volunteer gift is another example of what our wonderful members are doing.  See the photo of the ACNM conference group in the article below and her request for your help in putting together a new group at ACNM.

Recently under the direction of John Chamberlain, APPPAH met with our attorney, Hermine Hayes-Kline, to create and sign a contract agreement with Origins First Thousand Days, OFTD, to assist them in the formation of  online program for prospective and new parents that will give them good information on childbirth preparation, which includes a PPN perspective.  This business formation gives APPPAH an opportunity to further educate and disseminate important information concerning the conscious, sentient unborn and newborn baby.  

I was very happy to attend our affiliate, Midwifery Today's recent conference in Eugene, Oregon.  Midwifery is an important addition to integrative medicine and APPPAH applauds their continuing efforts that support the PPN perspective. 

APPPAH has several other long and short term plans guiding our future growth. I encourage you once again to invite your colleagues to join APPPAH in planning, tending and growing our garden together. The resources, education and support provided by this organization is of great benefit to professionals as well as parents. 

In closing I want to thank each of you again for your contributions.  Please remember to continue supporting us as your professional organization.  The APPPAH garden is producing well. Our harvest this year looks like it will be a good one if we keep nourishing and caring for each other.  I hope to see most of you at the International congress this year.  


Sandra Bardsley 

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