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Just as fall leaves are flying all about, so your active APPPAH board has been flying all around to the various organizational conferences in October.  We have enjoyed the privilege of representing APPPAH and to hear APPPAH being spoken of highly as we continue to move into the public eye. These road trips and public promotions provide more opportunities to further prenatal and perinatal education and to help improve birth outcomes for children and the parents lovingly supporting them.
Our great regional conference in Seattle, September 16-17th, was an amazing "kick-off" to the fall.  We listened to presentations about people and communities who, through research and statistical evidence, are adding information and energy that supports this work.  Read a follow-up from the conference presenters here. It was all very exciting and enlightening.  Much enthusiasm and many new members of APPPAH joined us there. Welcome!
Sandra Bardsley, far right, with the Epigenetics Class at the ReHuNa Conference in Basilia, Brazil this month.
In October, APPPAH's co-founder, Thomas Verny MD, flew to Chile to deliver several addresses to thousands of professionals and parents.  His news about birth psychology and healthy brain development was well received.  APPPAH's influence in Central and South America continues to be strong.  We are looking for any members who speak, read and write the Spanish and Portugese languages to please let us know.  We are interested in having speakers and teachers for those countries as well as doing some translating of our information on our website.  (Contact  Please listen to a new interview with Verny where he shares his experience of "Ducking Pies While Presenting Birth Psychology for 34 Years".  In the podcast (downloadable with transcript) Dr. Verny shares his experience in Chile as well as his 34 years of birth psychology advocacy, including being a featured presenter in the recent award-winning documentary, In Utero.
Several board members and general members represented APPPAH at four fall conferences. I represented APPPAH at the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) conference along with Stephanie Derosier.  It was a wonderful event and another opportunity for APPPAH to continue our efforts to educate more professionals on birth psychology and the conscious unborn baby.  There was a lot of interest and information disseminated concerning APPPAH.  ICEA is a new APPPAH partner, and their president, Connie Livingston, will attend our conference next year. 
The popular weekend of October 14-16th also featured the BirthWorks conference in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, where Joel Evans MD, APPPAH's medical director, was a keynote speaker and Kate White supported APPPAH by hosting a table. Further south, Barbara Decker represented APPPAH as a main speakers at the Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association (CAPPA) conference in Destin, Florida. Barbara then flew to San Diego, CA, to attend the Hypnobirthing conference. 
And finally, our year-long relationship with the filmmakers and film, In Utero, yielded a powerful Film Discussion and Resource Guide that integrates 35 years of birth psychology insights with the award-winning film's cinematic presentation of the message, Womb Ecology Becomes World Ecology.  The phrase, coined by APPPAH's co-founder, Thomas Verny, MD, is explored throughout the film, which has been translated into ten languages and viewed by American and international audiences at film festivals over the past year.  In Utero filmmakers, Kathleen and Stephen Gyllenhaal, said they were "awed" by the material presented in the "inspirational" guide.  We hope you will be as well!
As you read you can see, your support of APPPAH has allowed us to produce a bountiful fall harvest.  Several more of our planned projects are coming to fruition and we continue to be excited about APPPAH's progress. Each of the programs we offer to educate parents, professionals and the public about APPPAH and birth psychology cost money.  Any amount you can donate to the cause would be greatly appreciated on this, the biggest nonprofit giving day of the year - Giving Tuesday!
Please consider supporting our welcome and needed work today. What better way to give a tax-deductible write-off to your professional organization in support of babies and the families who are lovingly preparing to receive them.  Thank you for giving and for making our nonprofit work possible!  Donate!
Sandra Bardsley, APPPAH President
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