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President's Letter - September 2016

Like the slow onset of the change of the seasons, events for APPPAH seemed to start slowly, but then move more rapidly. The winding up of summer activities in August seemed slow and somewhat languid, but September events brought another wave of activity - inviting, energizing events that captivated one’s attention. 

At the beginning of September, active member Laura Uplinger represented us at the Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference at Findhorn in Scotland.  APPPAH contracted to have the conference live-streamed for members wanting to order it.  It was very inexpensive and very worthwhile.  I hope that some of you took advantage of that event. Also please remember that If any of you becomes aware of birth or parenting related conferences in your area, please notify the office as we may see if you would be willing to represent APPPAH there. Good exposure of APPPAH's programs is much appreciated and your volunteer time is such a help to your professional organization.

On the 16th and 17th of September, we enjoyed a wonderful APPPAH Regional Conference in the Seattle area.  The conference was held at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA and was a great contribution to the field of birth psychology. Our Director of Education, Kate White, and Director of Marketing and Public Relations, John Chamberlain, were present to give a stimulating message about APPPAH's mission and strategic plans for the near future.  Hearing and seeing it was very motivating and exciting for attendees.  Your professional organization is making many plans to strengthen the work of birth psychology and disseminate all the wonderful information we have collected over the past 33+ years.

Those who attended were treated to a stellar group of enthusiastic keynote presenters and well prepared and delivered breakout sessions.  APPPAH's message of birth psychology was very well presented by Joel Evans, MD, Stephen Bezruchka and Adam Burtle, Wendy McCarty PhD, Vincent Felliti, MD, Kate White, Jenny Joseph, CNM, and Gerhard Schroth, MD.  Each speaker gave passionate, exciting and very thoughtful talks. Panel discussions followed the speakers, which gave conference attendees an opportunity to ask questions and express their feelings. Afternoon break-out sessions added depth to the learning and discussions going on during the conference.  Enthusiasm and excitement among the conference participants grew daily and became contagious.  Many people left the weekend invigorated to make significant changes in their own communities and work places. A huge thank you to the organizing team and those who prepared this event.  It was vibrant, stimulating and well organized.  Everything about the weekend ran smoothly.  (Read the conference team’s reflections here and A Love Letter to APPPAH from a conference attendee here.)

Several people have taken advantage of the discount on the prenatal and perinatal psychology educator (PPNE) course in September.  It is a delight for me, as your current president, to interact with many of these students and see how they grow personally, but also how they spread their new knowledge into their work and communities. It is a joy to see and hear about many of their presentations. The other mentors also love interacting with their mentee's in the program. The Monday LIVE Lecture Series and Innovations Course are also wonderful opportunities for furthering your education.  Come join and learn more about how to strengthen your knowledge about your career.

We continue to steadily work on grant writing and fund raising efforts to support the many programs being offered to our professionals and our expectant and new parents.  We appreciate any support you may give us in this development area.  If you would like to help concerning fund raising or grant writing, please contact the APPPAH office at Remember that donating may be the best way for you personally to be able to support your professional organization.  Access our website HERE to make your donation.  Any amount helps support valuable programs disseminating APPPAH's information to professionals and parents.

And so we head into the fall and winter months, but your board and active committees do not become idle.  We have already begun the organization of APPPAH’s upcoming International Congress which will take place in San Diego, California November 30th to December 4th in 2017.  A call for papers and proposals for breakout sessions is already on our website. The theme chosen is at the heart of APPPAH's mission and symbolized in our new logo.  It is:

The Conscious Baby Emerges: Science, Medical, Psyco-Social and Somatic Discoveries

I do hope that you each will plan on joining us for another very stimulating congress. Remember that it is the international congress and several of our international affiliates will be among us.   Many new and exciting events will be presented and launched at the international congress.  You do not want to miss it!  Remember that the earlier you register and pay for the congress the less expensive it is.  Registration prices increase as the year goes by, so I would suggest that you register early and save.  Also, if you are on a tight budget, don't forget to check on registration opportunities for work-scholarships.  Watch the website to note these opportunities. I sincerely hope to see each of you at the international congress.  It will be wonderful!!

Joy and Blessings, 

Sandra Bardsley

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