Talking to friends and colleagues in Germany about the experience I had at APPPAH's 2009 conference, my enthusiasm is still breathtaking, even two month later. It was really stunning to me, as I never before experienced such a genuine fabric of important new information, a respectful and heartfelt dealing with this knowledge. and the encouragement to spread the news into the world. The congress topic melted perfectly into the nature of Asilomar Conference Grounds. Gary Malkin created a lively and touching ambiance opening heart and mind for the important presentations of so many pioneers and visionaries like Thomas Verny, Valerie Hunt, David Chamberlain, Barbara Findeisen, Gladys McCarey, William Emerson, Marshall Klaus and many others. The congress felt very authentic and convincing, like the beaming aura of a pregnant woman. I'm very sure that I can keep my promise to bring at least 3 new members from our European Community to APPPAH! Gerhard Schroth, psychoanalyst, Speyer, Germany My confidence was boosted hugely by the Congress and it was wonderful to meet people I have been following for years like Michel Odent, Dr Verny, Marshall Klaus. I watched slides on their work 27yrs ago when pregnant with my first son. It changed my life and attitudes about birth and parenting and informed my decision to become a midwife. I am determined to stay in touch with the international community and at the same time make a difference here at home. I am once again teaching the 3rd year University of Cape Town med students, introducing them to obstetrics, and am able to use what I learnt at the congress to inform them and keep them interested. I enjoyed the rustic atmosphere of Asilomar, the space. The lunchtime discussions added interest to the gastronomic spread. Most of all I was inspired greatly and felt as if I had come home to my community: the large group of APPPAH members all working together towards creating a better future for our families and our children. Thank you for this amazing gift. I will treasure the memories and new friendships. Marianne Littlejohn, midwife, South Africa I had a wonderful time at the conference! I enjoyed the setting by the sea. Other conferences are a great wealth of information, but APPPAH nourishes my heart and feeds my soul in a way that other conferences do not. I also appreciate the diversity of the people that attend. It is so wonderful to meet so many brilliant people from all over the world. Thank you for putting it together every 2 years. I wish it was annually! Kaye Kanne, midwife, AK; What a Congress! Americans, you are marvelous; you are so warm and enthusiastic. You cotton on so quickly and receptively. And with organizers like yours there is plenty to enthuse about. My hopes rose that APPPAH and ISPPM (our international PPN society based in lovely Heidelberg, Germany) can unite for extra power in bringing children into the world healthy and happy. My experience is that it is as much the personal dynamic—the spirit of these occasions, and the waves from them—that change life, as the thoughts, pictures and words generated. It's happening. Simon House, U.K. [Ed.: See page 7 for how to keep informed on ISPPM's work.] Judyth Weaver and Susan Highsmith wove a wonderful web of healing around the 300+ attendants at this amazing congress. The cult of the ex-pert was truly hard to find! Although most who attended are PhDs and MDs, their personal EGOs were not in attendance. The spirit of openness and healing was very real. Deb Puterbaugh, whose complete "Thank you APPPAH" plus details of her altar honoring Jeannine Parvati Baker at the Congress is found at Thank you so much for the cutting edge paradigm shifting conference. I have been a member for 22 years, and it was a step in a new and needed direction for APPPAH. The energy, consciousness, ecology, and political pieces are so real and important for us to be weaving into our organization. Asilomar created a very supportive nest in which we could really take off and fly. My mind, body and spirit were all deeply nourished. Teresa Robertson, I am still moved by the occurrences at the 14th International Congress of APPPAH. It was, as always, an impressive occasion with 60 speakers, lots of workshops and many parallel meetings. A considerable number of ISPPM members took an active part. The atmosphere at the congress was so full of cordiality and friendliness that it was a balm for our concerns and also inspiration for our future." Rupert Linder, Germany, ISPPM president The organization of the Congress was superb. I was so well taken care of! The location was great! The extra time between presentations was brilliant. The keynote speakers were incredible! I love the common purpose and enthusiasm that exists among the members and attendees about all related matters. I love that a group of people, however diverse their backgrounds, education and professions have one, great common vision and goal. You have truly eclipsed all other Congresses in my experience!! Deborah Peters, chiropractor, Iowa Thanks to all of you who made this wonderful congress at Asilomar an experience many of us will treasure for a long time to come. François and I returned to Europe with a strong sense of unity in our work to bring the crucially important discoveries of prenatal life and parental empowerment to the front of the world stage. Julie Gerland, United Nations Representative for OMAEP (World Association for Prenatal Education) I very much appreciate speaking at APPPAH because I can dive into deep issues, and I don't have to wonder, "How am I going to explain this?!" I am always very moved to be with my tribe, gathered from the far corners – 17 countries were represented – reminding me that I am not a lone pioneer. So important to have this gathering—thank you. Karen Melton, Santa Rosa, CA APPPAH is a treasure of connection, validation, and support for all of us in our efforts to change the attitudes and actions of our world. Most of us are out here with our vision, essentially alone, doing our part. This was my first APPPAH Conference and I truly found myself not alone! A whole community of people from around the world dedicated to the same goals, wow! A huge thank you to those selfless visionaries responsible for organizing this wonderful opportunity. Dennis Hertenstein, chiropractor, Santa Rosa, CA