Letter from the Co-President

Dear APPPAH Members and Prospective Members,

What a wonderful Congress we had in April and thanks to all you who attended. We know many of you were there in spirit also. There is no doubt in my mind that APPPAH creates some powerful magic when we get together. As we move forward there are some things I'd like to ask of you. For us to grow as an organization we need great communication. Please take a minute and fill out your membership information on the member's side of our website, www.birthpsychology.com. This way we can all get in touch with each other. I am also looking for volunteers to be on a membership team. If you are interested, contact me directly at wmerthbaby@aol.com. The time commitment is one phone conference call a month. And finally, please encourage one friend or colleague to join APPPAH. That action alone will double our membership and allow us to function with financial ease.

In the last article I wrote, I challenged APPPAH to create a statement concerning the ACOG/Homebirth issue. Sadly we were not able to do this before the Congress. It is important for us to state our beliefs and take a stand on issues that can and will impact the future of healthcare in America. We are an organization well positioned to do this and the time is now. I was reminded by a friend that Bruce Lipton taught us well, that we can proceed in either fear, or love. Systems are either in growth, or protection, and cannot be doing either effectively simultaneously. With love and action we will grow – and affect the wisdom of our collective knowledge for the greater good of our country, children and healthcare. I purpose we establish a political action arm of APPPAH that will be empowered to take action. Please rejoin, renew and rededicate yourselves to the mission and vision of APPPAH.

Many thanks,
Wendy McCord