A big part of APPPAH's mission is to empower individuals and institutions with information about the "treasures of prenatal and perinatal psychology," and here we highlight myriad ways in which our members are engaged in that endeavor. If you have something exciting to share in this regard, please send details to the newsletter editor at DrMarcy@QuantumParenting.com. Joann O'Leary is teaching an online certificate course, "Prenatal Developmental Interventions: Strategies for Professionals Working With Families During Pregnancy," through the University of Minnesota's Center for Early Education and Development (CEED). Past students of this course say, "I have come to have a fuller understanding of prenatal development and the relationship between the parents and their unborn baby," and "The idea of ‘the baby is already here' is such a basic concept it seems odd that it was an ‘Aha' moment for me. I had never heard it explained in such basic terms, and was amazed at how that simple phrase has changed the way I talk to my clients and their babies." [www.cehd.umn.edu/ceed/profdev/onlinecourses/prenatal.htm] In May, Laura Uplinger gave two comprehensive talks on "Conscious Conception and Pregnancy" in Argentina: first to an interdisciplinary group of health professionals in Zapala (in Argentinian Patagonia) as part of an 8-weekend series exploring the "Sciences of the Beginning of Life." The audience was quite knowledgeable about birth psychology and the dialogue was fruitful. The second was in Santa Fe (also in Argentina), where Laura was invited by the town's City Hall as a special guest for the closing of a week-long seminar on "Respected Birth." Giselle Whitwell announces the establishment of an international Prenatal Music Therapy Network, whose purpose is to exchange academic information among music therapists who have been working in this field as well as those who are beginning, and professionals from other fields interested in this specialty. The primary objective is to create a comprehensive database where people may be referred who are interested in these services for treatment, teaching and research purposes throughout the world. The Network was created at a gathering under the leadership of Gabriel Federico, prenatal music therapist, after the XII World Congress of Music Therapy, held in Buenos Aires in July 2008. Their website www.prenatalmusictherapy.net will be the forum of contact. The official languages of the website are Spanish and English. Interested professionals may submit inquiries to the following addresses gabrielfederico@prenatalmusictherapy.net or Giselle E. Whitwell, the U.S. coordinator, at prenatalmusic@yahoo.com For updates on organizations who are spreading the important news of the lifelong relevance of prenatal and perinatal life (ISPPM, CIMS, SBGI and others), try out APPPAH's new homepage link, Celebrating APPPAH Partners http://www.birthpsychology.com/apppah/index.html#collab.