Letter from the Co-President

Dear APPPAH Members and Nonmembers,

We need your help on two fronts, one financial, the other, input. Membership dues provide a significant portion of our budget, but do not allow us the ability to cover the costs of political action to advocate and make important changes in our society, nor do they allow important service upgrades for our membership. If the changes and upgrades described below matter to you, please renew your membership for multiple years and invite others to join. Alternatively, your tax deductible donations would be deeply appreciated.

One political action step (in progress) is the preparation of an APPPAH position statement, to be circulated on the Internet and in newspapers, professional newsletters, and journals; also among obstetric organizations, midwifery and nursing groups, health care providers for women and babies, and other stakeholders. This position statement has to do with home versus hospital birth, the medical vs. midwifery model of childbirth, the appropriate use of interventions, and the kind of care that mothers and babies require in order to avoid trauma. This statement is based on research and is vital to disseminate to the above groups as well as the general public. If you have any opinions to offer, please do so. We value your input.

On another front, APPPAH Members Jill Chasse and Rochele Hirsch are the co-chairs of the Communications and Development Committee (ComCom). The Board is excited about the plans proposed by ComCom, and enthusiastically supports using the theme Welcome Your Baby In—with 60 Minutes, Skin-to- Skin to open more doors to APPPAH's messages. Please read more about the specifics in this issue. If you share passion for this and would like to help via committee involvement, kindly contact us.

Another current goal is to advocate for pre and perinatal changes on a local level, that is, in communities, schools, hospitals, and similar places. To accomplish this, APPPAH is considering the production of PowerPoint presentations and fact sheets that members could download from the APPPAH website and use in public presentations or treatments with clients. The presentations could also be used with hospital adminis- trators, family doctors, obstetricians, midwives, health care providers, and others to bring about clinical and practical applications of pre and perinatal research and psychology. We are also open to other methods and target groups; let us know if you have any suggestions for topics or practical tools you can use.

APPPAH is also on the move to better serve its members. For one, all Congress recordings have been archived and catalogued, and will soon be listed on the website: www.birthpsychology.com. Many thanks to Vicky and Vernon Jeter for doing the archiving. Congress presentations are a principal archive of APPPAH intellectual property. They represent a massive amount of research as well as clinical and practical applica- tions. They also provide a history of the development of prenatal and perinatal psychology.

An additional service upgrade involves the APPPAH website, orchestrated by the Website Committee (would you like to join?). This is already underway, and involves a much easier and more efficient user interface. It will provide for an improved bookstore, easier communication with one another, greater flow of information about pre and perinatal psychology, and new links pertaining to trauma treatment and trauma prevention, a major focus of many members.

We're working hard for you. Please let us know how else we might better support you so that we all might better extend APPPAH's mission to the world at large.

As Fall progresses and outer light diminishes, may your inner light warm your days and enlighten your path.

In your service,
William R. Emerson, Ph.D.