More Books in Brief

Honoring Your Child's Spirit: Pre-Birth Bonding and Communication by Flo Aeveia Magdalena. 2008. Putney, VT: All Worlds Publishing. This is a short, sweet and simple book full of deep spiritual wisdom and helpful guidance on how parents can connect with their babies before, during and after birth. Magdalena presents an enlightened perspective on the nature of babies. She acknowledges, very matter of factly, that babies are spiritual beings coming into human form to connect, learn, grow and love. She offers practical exercises throughout the book that guide parents in expanding their awareness, trusting their intuition and communicating with their babies in the womb and beyond. In addition, there are beautiful rituals that parents can use as they come into relationship with the new being who is joining them on their family's journey. In my opinion, this book is the "how to" of spiritual parenting from the very beginning. And as an added bonus, the appendix includes four beautiful pieces that add to the richness of this book. The first is by Teresa Robertson, a midwife, birth intuitive and leading name in pre- birth communication. She gives parents clear, step-by-step guidelines for establishing several different types of prenatal communication. The second piece is by prenatal music pioneer Giselle Whitwell, and offers a thorough explanation of the profound benefits of incorporating music into prenatal bonding. The third piece, by DeAnna Elliot, covers hows and whys of infant massage. Finally, the fourth piece, by the author herself, is an excerpt from her book I Remember Union. It is a beautiful recount, from Mary Magdalene's perspective, of her journey in assisting a mother who is about to give birth. This lovely story illustrates many of the principles and practices outlined in the book. As an early parenting guide and educator I highly recommend this book to pregnant parents as well as practitioners who work with families before, during and after birth. Thank you, Flo, for sharing your wisdom with the world. [Submitted by Carrie Contey,] Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships by Daniel Goleman. 2006. New York: Bantam/Dell. This is a seminal book by the author of the similarly groundbreaking Emotional Intelligence. It reads as a riveting, in-depth report straight from the freshly revised—and enthroned—field of the neuroscience of human rapport. It is a celebration of empathy, straight from myriad laboratory experiments in which brain imaging reveals the neural pathways of how we experience the other, and confirms that our take on life and how we interact with each other does indeed shape our biology. And of particular relevance to us in APPPAH, Goleman makes many allusions to the relevance of very early parenting. [Submitted by Laura Uplinger,]