A big part of APPPAH's mission is to empower individuals and institutions with information about the "treasures of prenatal and perinatal psychology," and here we highlight myriad ways in which our members are engaged in that endeavor. If you have something exciting to share in this regard, please send details to the newsletter editor at DrMarcy@QuantumParenting.com. APPPAH founder Thomas Verny was honored with a "Cultural Innovator" award by the Living Institute. The award, recognizing "historic contributions to the local and international mental health community," was presented at an APA Div. 32 (Humanistic Psychology) conference. Dr. Verny busily continues to spread the APPPAH news, presenting at the Sept. ISPPM conference in Heidelberg; the Instituto Universitario in Puebla, Mexico, in October; and at ANEP Italia in Parma, Italy, in November. Christine Novak has become the director of Calm Birth program. Christine has been a labor and delivery nurse and educator at Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey, for 20 years. She recently received the March of Dimes Best for Baby award for her work in advancing the use of the Calm Birth method at Overlook. The March of Dimes has just requested a full grant proposal from Christine, for two years of clinical work with the Calm Birth method in African-American and other New Jersey populations at risk for preterm birth. Christine has been co-teaching the Calm Birth teacher trainings with Robert Bruce Newman for the past two years. Lorna Zemke recently gave a presentation in Ostend, Belgium, on "Lovenotes: Music for the Unborn Child" at the Ostend Conservatory of Music. She demonstrated, with the participation of pregnant couples, the use of music with the pre-born to enhance bonding with parents and to foster stimulation, the primary goals of her Lovenotes™ Program. In the audience were medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, conservatory instructors, parents and interested parties from the Belgian cities of Ostend, Roesalare, and Ieper. Tamara Donn took her Birth Art Café model to the "Inspiring Transformations: Applied Arts and Health" conference at Northampton University, where myriad presenters shared how they are using art (in any form) to improve the lives of people in many different kinds of challenging life circum- stances—e.g., new parenthood, aging, incarceration, and dealing with mental illness. In November the Birth Art Café will travel to 2 more conferences: the Association of Radical Midwive' "Safeguarding Normality - It's Our Choice" and a unique one called "CHILDBIRTH: Belief in Action" at Medway University. Tamara has also produced an enchanting 5-minute film about the Birth Art Café: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02Xbk_604N0. Debby Takikawa and Shelly Campbell have produced and released Reducing Infant Mortality: Improving the Health of Babies, a film that serves as a powerful tool for educating professionals and consumers about the need for a more gentle, conscious approach to birth. The film is free and available for viewing at www.reducinginfantmortality.com; it is also available to be posted on any website for free. In its first month, the film was seen nearly 15,000 times, and was posted on over 100 websites. The film is ideal to send to policy makers on every level, from local hospitals and county health departments to national legislators, to inspire action. The film is also available in a professionally packaged DVD format for $2.50 each plus shipping.