Spreading the APPPAH News

A big part of APPPAH's mission is to empower individuals and institutions with information about the "treasures of prenatal and perinatal psychology," and here we highlight myriad ways in which our members are engaged in that endeavor. If you have something exciting to share in this regard, please send details to the newsletter editor at DrMarcy@QuantumParenting.com.

Michael Trout's Infant-Parent Institute is presenting the first U.S. offering of a training by Gerhard Schroth in his prenatal bonding model, March 27/28. As Michael puts it, "I was seriously impressed with this guy, and with this method. I wanted to learn more, and thought others might, too. I found the method to be sound and principled, and I was impressed with outcome data that showed reduced levels of maternal depression, an increased sense of connection with the baby and happiness with the baby's perceived characteristics, and reduced c-section rates, with the population that experienced this intervention. I though it would be a gas to have him come to America and teach us. I could have waited for someone else to orchestrate this, but was motivated to create something myself." Michael's institute is guaranteeing Dr. Schroth's fees and expenses, and subsidizing the training, so the registration fee can be kept at a reasonable level. For details, go to www.infant-parent.com.

Jeane Rhodes, former associate editor of the APPPAH Journal, has written a book entitled The Birth of Hope, revealing many positive possibilities for pregnant teen couples and others expecting their first child. The story's setting, involving a young couple in foster care, is an environment not well known to many readers outside that world. Hope's story is one of coming into this world through parents who, in spite of their age and other challenges, are very attuned to their baby throughout her gestation. This story inspires new awareness of the importance of the prenatal and birth stages of life. More information can be found at http://thebirthofhope.com.