News from APPPAH's Board of Directors

William Emerson (formerly co-president) was elected to be the president of APPPAH at the January 2010 Board Retreat in Guerneville, California. He has been a member since 1986, and a board member since 1993, so he brings 24 years of experience to his presidency. He is a workshop leader, writer, lecturer, and pioneer in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology, renowned for researching and developing trauma treatment methods for infants and children, and discovering important applications for adult treatment. He is the author of four self-published books and one released by a publishing house. Dr. Emerson is currently conducting training programs in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and experiential workshops for individuals seeking personal growth and healing. He is finishing a book on the maternity care system and the trauma it causes mothers and babies (to be published Fall 2010), and has a number of other books in progress.

APPPAH Welcomes New Board Members

Bobbi Jo (B.J.) Lyman has been a member of APPPAH since the 1980s. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology (Health Psychology Specialization) from The Fielding (Graduate) Institute in August 2000. Dr. Lyman served as the Chair of the Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Programs at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California (2003-2008) and is still half -faculty there. She has served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health for over seven years. She has a number of publications, is a frequent presenter in her areas of specialization, and is currently writing two books. She is also serving as the APPPAH 2010 Congress Chair. Jeane Rhodes is a licensed professional counselor in the State of Colorado, former associate editor of the Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, and current adjunct faculty (online) for Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She worked in the foster care system for ten years in various capacities, including as a therapist to children in foster care, therapy coordinator, case manager, placement supervisor, and agency executive director. Insights from this work together with her prenatal & perinatal focus found compelling expression in her recently published first novel, The Birth of Hope, designed to teach prenatal and perinatal psychology to a wider public APPPAH Newsletter Spring 2010 Page 5 audience. Jeane has been active as a member and presenter at APPPAH Congresses since the early 90s. She resides in Lakewood, Colorado, with her husband, Larry, and a beautiful Golden Retriever named Beau. Giselle E. Whitwell of Austin, Texas, is a board certified music therapist who has presented prenatal music themes since 1989 at conferences worldwide in Europe, South and North America, Asia and Russia. She has contributed to APPPAH's journal as well to other journals and magazines. She was a music educator for 20 years before devoting herself to the practice of prenatal music and learning about prenatal and perinatal psychology by attending numerous courses and conferences, becoming certified in prenatal parenting, and assisting women as a doula and a childbirth educator. In 2008 she additionally qualified as a therapeutic healer using the voice. Giselle has been guiding the music column in the APPPAH website, in the "Life before Birth" section. Tony Madrid has been associated with APPPAH since 1986. His primary interest is in bonding disruptions and their repair. He has shown that childhood asthma can be cured by therapies that repair the interrupted bond between the mother and her child. Tony is a former board member of California's Board of Psychology, and is the current director of Russian River Counselors in Monte Rio, CA, a psychology clinic working primarily with children and families in an underserved section of Sonoma County. For his article on "Helping Children with Asthma by Repairing Maternal-infant Bonding Problems" he won the Hilgard Award for scientific excellence in writing on the use of pediatric hypnosis. Tony recently published a book of stories about bonding problems and their repair, entitled The Mother and Child Reunion.

Bridging the Gap Between Professional Generations

APPPAH has added a new position related to its Board — Student Representative. The Student Representative attends board meetings and serves as a liaison between APPPAH and students at universities and colleges. Stephanie Herbert, APPPAH Student Representative – "The first year of my position as Student Representative for APPPAH has been a life-changing experience on so many levels. Not only have I had the profound privilege of being asked to bring the collective student voice to our professional organization's board as a whole, but I have also had the great fortune of witnessing APPPAH's continued growth and success "from the inside." There is no doubt in my mind that having a student representative attend the APPPAH meetings is essential for the long-term vision of our organization's future. Already, with the guidance of our students' voices, we have created positive change, including the restructuring of the APPPAH's student membership category, which allows student access to the online Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. Through the creation of our new Facebook student group last summer, interdisciplinary discussions among students from around the world are taking place daily. As my second year as the student representative begins, my goal of increasing student involvement in APPPAH is top priority. APPPAH will continue to evolve as the profession itself grows in leaps and bounds. The next generation of leaders is already emerging, and it is more essential than ever before to embrace this innovative energy."

APPPAH Bids Farewell to Departing Board Members

I have been privileged to serve on the APPPAH Board for over two decades. There have been challenges and changes faced with compromises and grace, always with dedication to furthering the vision of the Association. I continue to be impressed by the hard work of the board members, our Executive Director Maureen Wolfe, and our many volunteers. Recently there have been several changes in the APPPAH Board membership, and it is appropriate to thank retiring members who have served us so well. Emma Miller has expanded our horizons with new ideas and suggestions during her past three years of board membership. A tireless worker, Emma has sponsored APPPAH's presence at key conferences, advanced fundraising, chaired the Communication Committee, and wrote a grant for website redesign. To the point of even naming APPPAH in her will, Emma is an inspiring example of possibility consciousness. Thank you, Emma, for such devoted work! The enthusiasm and dedication of Carrie Conte is infectious. A board member for five years, Carrie has reached out and inspired others in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology in many inventive ways. She has created workshops in her hometown of Austin, Texas, which have spread the vision of APPPAH and benefited us financially. Both Emma and Carrie will be sorely missed. We all appreciate and thank them for everything they have contributed to APPPAH. The APPPAH Board, on its own behalf and for our membership, wishes to express our deepest appreciation to Wendy McCord for a number of significant contributions, among which were: her passion for membership and for opening lines of communication between herself, membership, and committees; her passion for APPPAH and its goals; her determination and support for APPPAH becoming more political and taking stances; her service as co-president for three years, and all the time and energy she spent on committees such as membership, web, and Congress planning. We also want to thank her for organizing and chairing the Phoenix Regional, which was the first official regional conference, and a very successful one. Many thanks, Wendy. You'll be missed.