RIM was released last August as a free film. It is viewable and can be downloaded from the site, www.reducinginfantmortality.com. It can be embedded on any website free of charge, and is easy to do. It has had about 25,000 views, is playing on over 200 websites, and close to 2000 DVD copies have been sent out to people involved in national and state health care. It has been sent to every national legislator, and many groups have gotten together to write their congress people and send the film. For example, we just received an order for 50 DVDs from the Michigan Midwives Association. They are lobbying their state legislature as well as the state department of health. They are sending out all 50 copies of the film to people who make decisions about health care. We are currently working on a project with March of Dimes and also to connect with Amnesty International on their project with maternal mortality [Ed. note— see "Resources of Note" item on page 8]. We are grateful to the support from APPPAH and invite you to post the video on your site. Visit the website for more info., or to connect with the organizers.