Member Glennie Feinsmith sends this dispatch from Ashland, Oregon, long known for being a socially conscious, forward-thinking community, but whose birth practices, with small pockets of exceptions, followed the typical national patterns: "The energy recently opened for that to change. In November, Southern Oregon Birth Connections was formed, with our stated goal being to ‘Empower women and their families during the child bearing years through information, resources, and options from a wide spectrum of local practitioners.' Twenty-six of us—midwives, doulas, acupuncturists, herbalists, lactations specialists, birth educaters, hypnobirthers, those doing mama-and-baby yoga, infant massage, naturopathy, and myself representing the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology—gathered, brainstormed and have now put on our second monthly Educational and Experiential Event, with a year of events already planned. By serving as a contact point between services and families, our role is to help people discover the range of options available, thereby building a bridge between families, local support networks, and traditional and alternative medical options. Those of us involved in both this project—and others on the horizon—firmly believe that the time for change is upon us; that the momentum is shifting; and that ‘How we birth our babies matters' is a message ready to be heard by the mainstream in America. I am very excited to be doing my part in my little corner of the world." Thanks, Glennie!