The "Welcome Your Baby In With 60 Minutes Skin-to-Skin" Project

The message is designed to encourage skin-to-skin contact between baby and mother right after birth. Given the data from the Russian study reported at the 2009 Congress by Marshall Klaus, along with years of data on Kangaroo Mother Care, we believe that this focus will provide:
  1. An easy to understand visual image, useful in:
    1. Gaining sponsorship
    2. Developing training for mothers, attendants, et al.
    3. Providing a tangible, measurable improvement in birth experience
  2. A practice that — even by itself — will provide extraordinary benefit to mother and child
  3. A theme that provides a "foot-in-the-door" to talk and train on many of the related APPPAH messages — including child and family issues as well as, adult recovery from birth trauma.
We believe that "getting our foot in the door" with something that is tangible, measurable and more mainstream will provide great opportunity to expand on APPPAH's messages. We invite all interested members to help us in implementing the use of this theme. We look forward to your help in this effort. By uniting behind this "wedge" theme, we expect to help all our members in promoting the messages that they and APPPAH stand for.