The APPPAH website has been in need of a redesign for many years, but we did not have the resources to accomplish it. We were at an impasse. And then a rare opportunity presented itself in the form of an innovative and enthusiastic teacher at Santa Rosa Junior College, Linda Hemenway.

Linda provides students in her web design class the opportunity to work with local nonprofits to develop or redesign their websites, and we were very fortunate to be Linda Hemenway accepted as one of the nonprofits worthy of their help! A team of three students, designer Maggie Gallotti, programmer Heriberto Villanueva, and project manager Roger Johnson, worked tirelessly to implement a functional navigation system and give the website a much-needed "face lift." ( If you haven't visited the website please check it out: )

Due to the enormous amount of content on the APPPAH site, and its lack of an integrated navigation system, it was an extremely challenging task. In fact, the project has been divided into two phases and will continue to be developed and improved during the next class semester. We are very grateful to the Santa Rosa Junior College, Linda, and the students for helping APPPAH accomplish this transformation and look forward to the next phase of development. On behalf of the whole community of APPPAH, a very sincere thank you to Santa Rosa Junior College, Linda Hemenway, and the Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California students!!