The Directors of APPPAH created the David B. Cheek Memorial Lecture in 1997 to honor an esteemed obstetrician and colleague and to assure that David and his work will be long remembered. Dr. Cheek, who died in Santa Barbara, California, in June 1996 at the age of 84, was a pioneering practitioner and researcher who illuminated the realities of infant consciousness in both prenatal and neonatal life, and invented new approaches to infertility, premature birth, and birth trauma. David was a much-loved and loyal member of APPPAH, served on the Board of Directors for five years, and was a popular speaker at congresses. Dr. Cheek spent forty years caring for pregnant women and teaching a rapid form of hypnosis to clients, physicians, psychologists, and dentists in the United States and abroad. He served as the 6th President of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and published fifty papers and books that remain milestones in pre- and perinatal psychology and health. In his life and writings, David demonstrated the importance of a psychological approach to the full range of problems associated with reproduction and childbirth. To present the lecture on psychosomatic obstetrics at the 2010 APPPAH Congress, the Board of Directors has invited Paul H. Brenner, MD, PhD. Dr. Brenner was an obstetrician/ gynecologist and surgical oncologist who left his private and academic practice of medicine to counsel individuals with life threatening illness. This led him to become a counseling psychologist. He is presently a psychosocial oncologist at the San Diego Cancer Center and Research Institute. At the research institute, his passion is epigenetics, the science of environmental forces that influence the expression (or non-expression) of particular genes. Dr. Brenner has lectured throughout the world and is the author of two books on pregnancy.

The Things We Don't See That Move The Things We Do See

In this year's Cheek Memorial Lecture, Dr. Brenner will present his thesis that the future of medicine will rely primarily on understanding the psychodynamics of what it is to be human. A significant part of this lecture will be interactive, as Dr. Brenner presents his Emotional Pattern Inventory. He believes this process can reveal unconscious patterns that have the power to either turn a gene on or off, an epigenetic effect. Our emotions, as well as the incessant chatter of our minds, can lead to either the gift of creativity or the curse of illness. These familial patterns begin in the womb or within the earliest years of life. Throughout this presentation case histories will be discussed.