This "call to action" comes from member Norella Hobby, (civilian) director of the New Parent Support Program at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California. An RN who also has her Certificate in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology from SBGI, Norella sends this alert about You: Having a Baby, by media sensations Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen: "To stay up-to-date and provide the latest information to my clients, I constantly read/review the new things I can find. I ran across the book on CD in Barnes and Noble. I thought I was hearing things (honestly) so I bought the book to see if I was just hearing things, and there it was in black and white! @#$!" Exactly what was in black and white? In a discussion of circumcision on pg. 274, they declare: "No matter what you decide, know that a local anesthetic is applied, and because of a baby's immature brain development, it appears that he doesn't process pain the same way as we do—so it's not as if circumcision will leave him with a lasting cross- your-legs feeling." And then there's their discussion of prenatal pain perception, which is technically accurate, but SO incomplete! (http://ask.doctoroz.com/question/does-fetus-experience-pain) Norella's frustration is rightly placed. All over TV and radio, Dr. Oz is the most popularly influential medical doctor of our era, and people listen to him (and his less visible but "perceived as brilliant" cohort Dr. Roizen). They are also (usually) on the leading edge of progressive health information, and actually seem like thoughtful guys. If you feel you have a compelling, reasonable way in which to enlighten the docs about prenatal psychology (i.e., another perspective on fetal pain than "the fetal brain cannot understand these signals or put them into perspective"), visit Dr. Oz's website and fill in the "What Do You Want To Teach Dr. Oz?" page—go for it!!