Letter from the President

Dear APPPAH Members and Nonmembers,

I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the 2010 APPPAH Congress at Asilomar Conference Grounds, November 11-14, with separate day-long workshops before and after. The Congress program is unique, perhaps the most unique ever, but so is the location, APPPAH's second Congress at Asilomar, also referred to as the "Refuge by the Sea."

It's a special place. As a child, I went there for special kids' outings, often staying overnight. As an adult, I've gone there for personal retreats, and for sacred time with family and friends. It has never failed me. The quiet, peaceful, and spacious beauty makes it a perfect place for personal time, but also for time to commune and network with others. The square mile of woods, beaches, forests, meadows, and trails, along with comfortable and intimate meeting rooms, creates the perfect conditions for a conference, and allows participants to inspire and be inspired, and to grow personally and professionally. Come before and after the Congress for workshops led by worldwide experts. Some are for professional growth and provide CEUs, and others are for personal growth. You'll find workshop descriptions in this newsletter issue; to read about presentations, go to the all- new www.birthpsychology.com/ and click on the "2010 International Congress" link. To "meet" all the presenters and workshop leaders, click on "All Faculty."

The Congress has a unique group of presenters, bringing doctoral students and recent graduates in prenatal and perinatal psychology to the Congress program. About one third (nine) of the presenters are in this group, including Aurelie Athan (Teachers College of Columbia University), Korenna Barto (the University of Akron), Peggy Phillips (Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, aka SBGI), and Gina Ray (Pacifica Graduate Institute). Five recent doctoral graduates are also presenting at the Congress, including Becky Brittain-Hicks, Ph.D., Jeanette Sawyer Cohen, Ph.D., Karin Kushniruk, Ph.D., R.N., Patricia Lucas, Ph.D., and Claire Winstone, Ph.D. All are graduates of SBGI except for Dr. Cohen, who is from Columbia University. I welcome all of these recent graduates, and am eager to learn from them.

In an effort to celebrate our relationship with ISPPPM, our twin organization in Europe, and with the international community, nine international experts are presenting. There are three from Germany (Rupert Linder, Christof Plothe, & Gerhard Schroth), two from Canada (Mia Kalif & Thomas Verny), and one each from Ireland (Benig Mauger), England (Althea Hayton), Australia (Gregg LaHood), and France (Julie Gerland). I'd be less than honest if I didn't say that collectively, the material they are presenting is inspiring, even mind-bending, with strong implications for the prevention of trauma, and for science in action.

Another exciting feature of the Congress is its focus on science, and in particular, on the need to unite science with the heart, personal experience, and action. In my next newsletter, I'll feature other speakers and workshops. I look forward to seeing you there!

In your service,
William R. Emerson
APPPAH President