Helping to chart the expanding territory of prenatal and perinatal psychology since 1985 has been the mission of our Association journal. Every step of the way has been made possible by the vision and ingenuity of the editors and the dedication of the supporting staff working closely with a host of authors contributing to 25 volumes—that's 100 issues. Together we celebrate the 25th year of publication since Thomas Verny founded the Journal.

Retiring at this time is Editor-in-Chief Bobbi Jo (B.J.) Lyman, PhD, after supervising no fewer than 30 issues—a record she shares with her immediate predecessor, Ruth Johnson Carter, PhD. Both of these editors were in turn supported by unusually strong associate editors, which undoubtedly helped them to accomplish so much. Ruth was assisted by Dr. Jenny Wade, as was B.J. by Dr. Jeane Rhodes and Dr. Anne Maiden Brown.

Looking back on her experience as Editor-in-Chief, Bobbi Jo exclaimed that "it was and will remain one of the highlights of my life!" B.J. serves on the core faculty at Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and is the author of the book, Prenatal and Birth Memories (2007). Following B.J.'s announcement to retire, and after a short search, the APPPAH Board of Directors invited Jeane Marie Rhodes, PhD, to become JOPPPAH's new Editor-in-Chief. In accepting, Jeane responded that this was an ideal time in her life to take on this exciting responsibility.

However, Jeane will not be working alone. For the last eight years APPPAH has had in place an editorial team that includes the following positions: Associate Editor—Due to the recent resignation of Dr. Brown for health reasons, a search is currently underway to find this editor who carries responsibility for the journal's peer review process and occasionally has the opportunity to produce special issues of the journal; Managing Editor—sees each new issue through to final digital printing and distribution (a position temporarily filled by APPPAH Executive Director Maureen Wolfe since Winter of 2000—might YOU be the missing understudy perfect for this position?); and the Book Review Editor, Bronwyn Chambers, who coordinates the system for reviewing new books for the APPPAH community—an indispensible service that links authors and members. This is the full team of editors who stand behind the Editor-in-Chief. Three cheers for The Team!

Our new Editor-in-Chief has been actively involved with the journal over several years, contributing two articles, two book reviews, and two clinical articles for Sharing Space. Jeane earned an early PPN doctorate from The Union Institute in 1997 with the dissertation Aware Beginnings: Body Language and Birth Memory (Through the Lens of the Ancient Practice of Yoga Asana). She is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Colorado and has taught at Red Rocks Community College and online courses for Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. In 2009 she published the inspiring novel The Birth of Hope, educating the public about real-life prenatal and birth psychology.

The first journal issue published under Jeane's leadership is already completed as Vol. 24 (3), Spring 2010, and is in the hands of the Managing Editor. Please watch for it!