"Redesigning society for the greatest good by meeting the priority needs of the very young." – Raffi Cavoukian Crowning his tireless efforts on behalf of the championship of youth, beloved children's troubadour and peace activist Raffi Cavoukian has founded the Centre for Child Honouring on Salt Spring Island, BC. Just as Raffi has been a good friend and supporter of APPPAH in recent years, let us support his fine efforts as well—as they are all devoted to the same important ideal! Take a quick moment to go to the Child Honouring website and "Sign the Plea"—calling on leaders of all faiths to unite in ending violence to children. As Raffi writes in his letter to us all, "We trust that a massive outpouring of public and religious support for respecting the personhood of children would:
  1. have significantly beneficial impacts on behaviour in families, communities, schools and institutions worldwide, and
  2. bring renewed awareness and support for implementing the articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Such an outpouring could also spark a historic multi-faith decree upholding the sanctity of the child, and urging the elimination of physical, mental and emotional violence against children. Such a new religious moment would be a vital step forward towards a new era of peace with and for our young."