Message from Congress Chair, Barbara Findeisen

On Thursday, December 16th, Maureen Wolfe, our Executive Director, and I spent several hours making final arrangements for the 2011 APPPAH Congress. We are excited about returning to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay. The Kabuki is a small hotel located in the center of Japan town in a vibrant neighborhood just a few blocks from Union Square the center of the city. Nearby are many restaurants of all prices and ethnicity, art galleries, and coffee and tea shops. Everything is easy access. Step into the Kabuki and you find yourself in a zen-like atmosphere, calm and welcoming. I especially like the small Japanese sunlit gardens some opening into the breakout rooms, with some providing nearly comfortable chairs to sit and chat with old and new friends Since it only has about 230 rooms we may have the entire place to ourselves. We feel the Kabuki Hotel, in San Francisco, will be an excellent place for us gather together for our next International Congress. APPPAH is a diverse group reaching across many professions and interests. What we share in common is our belief that babies are conscious and learning from the beginning, that birth is a natural process and every baby needs and deserves to be welcomed into loving arms. What they experience before, during, and af ter birth has a powerful lasting influence on their mental, emotional, and physical well being. Our focus for 2011 is on what is being done to further and support prenatal and perinatal psychology and health. In therapy rooms, birth centers, hospitals, medical offices, chiropractors, body workers, midwives, in homes, and in a host of birthing locations, in families, and one by one, with high tech and no tech, people on every continent are applying the best of ancient wisdom and 21st century knowledge. Even the media is beginning to catch up to what we have been talking about for decades. In spite of an ongoing marketing campaigns to turn birth into a fearful medical emergency, what we are doing is gaining some ground. Magazine covers, articles, books, conferences, without even knowing APPPAH exists, are including APPPAH's point of view. Thanks to the work, research, and dedication of many, we are making a difference all over the world. This Congress will be an opportunity to hear from individuals who are doing the work: teaching, writing about, making films, educating others, delivering babies, supporting moms and dads, and healing hearts and minds and bodies from the grip of early trauma. It has always been an inspiration to me to know there are many of us, each in our individual ways, making a difference, spreading APPPAH's vision and hope. Come to San Francisco and share, participate, network, learn, and be inspired by informed Activists who are doing their part. We still have much to accomplish, so come to San Francisco and share, learn, participate and be empowered as we move forward. We will be joined by Dr Bruce Lipton, whose books and presentation s have informed and inspired others, nationally and internationally. We are also fortunate to have joining us Annie Murphy Paul, author of the recent best seller ORIGINS How The Nine Months Before Birth Shape The Rest Of Our Lives.