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BabyBabyOhBaby ~ Bonding with your Brilliant and Beautiful Baby Through Infant Massage,by David Stark. (DVD) This gem is a triumph for all who participated in its making. Engaging words by Charlie Pearson warmly spoken by narrator Alyson Steel and clear images of real parents and real babies against an uncluttered background make this DVD by producer/film maker David Stark my favorite massage video of all time. It should be part of every baby shower registry. Thoughtful, respectful and inclusive it shows parents interacting with their babies as they learn how to dance with and improvise on the clear instructions. The program guides parents to connect with their babies first and foremost before moving on to any massage techniques. Once parents give themselves permission to slow down, turn off phone and TV, ask their babies' permission to offer massage and establish contact with "still touch," then they move through the instructions and body areas covered. There is a demonstration of the contact and strokes body part by body part on a doll first while the list of logical but not mandatory strokes or stretches are legibly printed to one side. I like the diversity of parent-child couples; the attention given to subtle cues from the babies as to whether or not they're ready for more stimulation or ready for "still touch" to help slow down and integrate what's already been offered; and the fact that moms and dads attend to their own comfort by sitting on low cushions while babies lie on soft towels on the floor so eye contact and safety are maximized. This DVD is most appropriate for newborn to pre-crawling stages, but once the massage strokes are mastered they'll last a life time. I wonder what the world would be like if all babies got the caring touch they (and we) thrive on and deserve. This is a beautifully rendered instructional DVD for bonding with your baby through appropriate touch—the best I've seen of what's on the market. [For more information, including the inspiring back story, visit]