Int'l Congress Spotlight: "Echoes from the Womb"

The Congress Committee, headed by chairs Barbara Findeisen and Jeane Rhodes, has been busy planning an exciting time for you this fall in beautiful San Francisco. The theme of our 2011 Congress is "Echoes from the Womb: Applications for Lifelong Well-Being," with a central focus on those echoes—how they come to be, what their implications are, approaches to healing the echoes when they are detrimental or destructive, approaches to fostering echoes that resound with health and wholeness, and the keys they hold for the future of our field. We have an impressive line-up of speakers and special events planned for you. Keynote speakers include:
  • Bruce Lipton, PhD (author of Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution)
  • Annie Murphy-Paul (author of Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives)
  • Jeanne Ohm, DC (founder and executive editor of Pathways to Family Wellness)
  • Gabor Maté, MD (author of Scattered and In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts)
  • Michael Trout (director of The Infant-Parent Institute and author of The Jonathan Letters and Baby Verses)
  • Raylene Phillips, MD (neonatal intensive care physician)
  • Marcy Axness, PhD (author of the upcoming Parenting for Peace)
The David Cheek Memorial Address will be delivered by Phyllis Klaus, co-author of the classic Bonding as well as Your Amazing Newborn and The Doula Book. You will have an opportunity to interact with most of the keynote speakers when they serve on panels following their talks. There will be a total of sixteen concurrent sessions over four sessions, each one hour in length, each featuring exceptional presenters and topics. (We apologize in advance for the inevitable dilemmas you may face in choosing!) Keep an eye on the website: website for program details. The Congress is being designed to get all attendees actively involved, with focus groups spotlighting such topics as creating optimal birth environments, regression therapy, generational impacts, technology and birth, media and politics, and international contributions. This year we will gather in San Francisco at the beautiful Hotel Kabuki in Japantown, offering zen-like serenity surrounded by a vibrant international community of shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. Many of the conference rooms at Hotel Kabuki open to tranquil garden views—a perfect space to come together in networking, learning and sharing. They are offering APPPAH attendees a special room rate, which you can get by making your room reservations through the APPPAH portal. The Congress opens on Thursday evening, November 17th and continues through Sunday, November 20th. And, there is also the opportunity to do an all-day pre-congress workshop on Thursday, so you may want to arrive on Wednesday evening to take full advantage of the opportunities. Watch the website for the list of workshop presenters for that day. Register before June 15th for early rates. Let us meet and be inspired beneath Japantown’s cherry trees in November!