25 Years of APPPAH Publications: The Journal & the Newsletter

JOPPPAH (Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health) is our peer-reviewed publication whose original mandate to publish current findings from the growing field of prenatal & perinatal psychology later became refined and expanded to cover:
  • Psychological factors that affect conception, pregnancy, labor, delivery and the post-partum period;
  • The reciprocal mechanisms of interaction between the pregnant mother and her unborn and sentient child and the mother and her newborn;
  • The influence of the family, society, and the environment on the pregnant mother and her unborn child;
  • Evidence-based measures that will improve the emotional well being of mothers, fathers, and newborns;
  • The psychological effects of medical technology during conception, pregnancy, labor, and delivery on all parties concerned;
  • Methods of prevention and intervention/resolution of prenatal and perinatal traumas with children and adults;
  • Interfaces between prenatal and perinatal psychology and medicine, genetics, developmental psychology, anthropology, ethics and the law.
Fall 2011 will mark the 101st edition and will kick-off our 26th year by celebrating the past 25 years (100 editions). It will feature editorials from each of the former journal editors and selected articles from those esteemed editors. This issue is being planned as a retrospective look at how the Journal has evolved over the years and a celebration of our potential for the next 25 years. Thomas Verny reflects:
The first issue of the APPPAH Journal (which was then the PPPANA Journal, and looked more like a newsletter than a journal) was published in the spring of 1985 by me in Toronto. It was called "Special Pre-Congress Issue," for the Congress in San Diego Congress, July 26-28, 1985. In it I announced that Human Sciences Press would start publishing our Journal in 1986, making 2011 indeed the 25th anniversary of the journal as we know it.
APPPAH’s quarterly newsletter was conceived as a bulletin featuring notable accomplishments of our worldwide membership, information on upcoming events, our collaborations with other organizations, brief book reviews, and notes/commentary on prenatal issues in the press and popular culture.