Leap Before You Look, a film by Stephane Goldsand What would you think about life if you were dropped on your head at birth and put into intensive care; separated from your mother, your source of life and love? How would feel if you were told your father did not want you? As a man, could you learn to love, and want to be a father yourself, if your father abandoned you and your family when you were two? If you were wise and courageous and in love with an amazing woman, you would make a film called Leap Before You Look. This debut documentary by NYC-based filmmaker Goldsand represents what could be called, "Where the rubber meets the road," regarding contemporary parenthood. Utilising alluring multi-media techniques, Goldsand has committed to telling a story, an intimate personal story, which very few men would dare. Throughout this 22-minute sojourn the viewer is invited into Goldsand's inner sanctum, as well as his family of origin, in order to explore his ambivalence (dread may be the more accurate word) at the prospect of becoming a father. We also engage with his beloved and charming wife Cristina, ripe for motherhood within the evolution of their long-term relationship. Welcome to a creative, provocative, and heart-warming piece of filmic excellence from a man who is destined to be a successful filmmaker... as well as a fantastic father. – Patrick Houser, author, Fathers-To-Be Handbook, director, FathersToBe.org. [Leap Before You Look has now been screened at many festivals worldwide; it's available for purchase via its official site at www.leapbeforeyoulook.com ] Safe in the Arms of Love, CD/Book by Lisa Rafel, Gary Malkin, and David Surrenda Combines beautiful, intentionally designed music, heartwarming lyrics, and an accompanying book full of essential and easy to understand information on the importance of how healthy attachment builds a secure emotional foundation for a child's entire life. Endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Christiane Northrup, and Dean Ornish, and developed by sound healer and songwriter Rafel, Emmy-winning composer Malkin, and clinical psychologist Surrenda, the book and CD are designed to relax both parent and child, allowing them to form the deep heart connection that is the essence of the bonding experience. Composer Malkin—who has graced APPPAH Congresses with his music—says, "By utilizing psychoacoustics and sound healing principles, we are helping to create a peaceful, attentive, heart filled atmosphere where both parent and baby can become emotionally connected." –Reviewed by Frank Lipman, www.drfranklipman.com/the-arms-of-love/