A Note on Anniversary Timing

"25 years? I was at two PPPANA conferences before 1986, in Toronto and San Diego. I didn't think the name changed until into the 1990's. I'm wondering about how that 25-year calculation came to be...?" – Diane Speier, APPPAH member Those longtime members with a good memory may recall that APPPAH was conceived in 1983 as PPPANA (Pre- and Perinatal Psychology Association of North America) and begun as a non-profit Canadian organization by Thomas Verny. Its first international congress, as noted by David Chamberlain above, took place in Toronto that same year. PPPANA was "reborn" into U.S. citizenship in October of 1986; its first official journal (Volume 1, Issue 1) came out that same month. (PPPANA was renamed APPPAH in 1996.) Writes APPPAH's Executive Director Maureen Wolfe, "So our official US 25th anniversary is October, 2011. In fact, our official document from the State of California was dated November 17, 1986—the very same day that our Congress starts this year—now isn't that a lovely coincidence!"