Passing the Torch

Marcy Axness has been the Editor-in-Chief extraordinaire for APPPAH's newsletter for many years. With the publication of her new book, Parenting for Peace, Marcy's life is taking on a whole new path! We have been so fortunate to have the competent, enthusiastic and talented support of Marcy. We thank you for all the valuable work you have given to APPPAH and our mission. Thank you Marcy and good luck with your new book! Although we are sad that Marcy is leaving we are incredibly lucky to have discovered a talented and experienced journalist, Peter Prontzos, who has joined APPPAH as the new Editor-in-Chief for the newsletter. We extend a warm welcome to Peter and think you will agree that this edition of the newsletter, Peter's first, is overflowing with news and events! Welcome aboard Peter! In the words of Peter Prontzos and Marcy Axness
It sure took some of the farewell sting out of my departure when Peter Prontzos stepped up to serve as the newsletter's next Editor in Chief. What a blessing to have such a dedicated, capable successor materialize (seemingly out of nowhere, since I wasn't at the 2010 Congress, when he'd first arrived on the APPPAH scene). He brings new and important perspectives, enthusiasm and rigor to this post, and I hope you'll welcome him with the warmth and support you have shown me these past five years!
I am delighted to be able to help APPPAH by taking over the editing this newsletter, and I am indebted to Marcy Axness both for her past years as editor, and for the valuable help she has provided in my new endeavor. Although I teach political science, my B.A. was in psychology, and for the past few years I have been catching up on some of the exciting developments in this field, including working with Dr. Arthur Janov. I hope to promote APPPAH's goals in a number of ways, especially considering the social and economic determinants of health.
For news items and commentary, Peter Prontzos may be reached at