Pre- & Perinatal Educator Certification

APPPAH recognizes the need for Pre- & Perinatal information to be made available to birth professionals and the public through a peer-reviewed certification process. Certification will represent the highest standards for Pre-& Perinatal Educators worldwide. When birth professionals earn their Certificate of Pre-& Perinatal Education, it will show the world they have met the requirements of our rigorous program. Barbara Harper, longtime APPPAH member and internationally recognized expert on childbirth reform, will chair this project.

In the last 30 years, the APPPAH Community has fundamentally:

  • Re-defined the nature of the human prenate as a vulnerable being;
  • Re-set the starting time for parenthood to before birth; and
  • Revealed the hidden connections between the quality of pregnancy and birth, and the quality of individual wellness, public health, and a compassionate society.

APPPAH represents the work of both the pioneers and of the latest researchers in Pre and Perinatal Psychology. Details regarding Pre-& Perinatal Educator Certification will be introduced at APPPAH’s 17th International Congress, in San Francisco, November 15-18 (see pp. 3, 4, and 12 for details). For more information about Certification, contact:

Deb Puterbaugh: Phone: (707) 972-9443