Spreading the APPPAH News

An historic gathering of human rights activists, scientist, lawyers, philosophers, ethicists, political scientists, anthropologists, mothers, fathers, Ob Gyns, midwives, and doulas convened on May 31 - June 1 in The Hague for the first ever global discussion on Human Rights in Childbirth.

And thanks to Sandra Bardsley's wisdom, we were able to enlist Barbara Harper's amazing help in bringing APPPAH's message to this meeting. She received great applause and a warm welcome regarding the announcement of our Healthy Baby Project 2020 and the certification program that is a vital component of this effort.

It was decided that APPPAH would take the lead in moving the Healthy Baby Project forward, and that as a component of this project, APPPAH would create a certification program for Pre and Perinatal education. This certifi- cation would make membership in APPPAH valuable professionally to the growing number of ‘Birth Workers' who want to improve their practices.

We are honored to have Barbara Harper, a dedicated birth activist for over 30 years and a long time friend of APPPAH to chair the Certification committee. She is the founder/president of International Water-Birth http://www.waterbirth.org

This Conference brought together pioneers and stakeholders to discuss the dramatic changes that have occurred in human birthing practices over the last 100 years. The almost complete elimination of options for childbearing women was discussed in detail, with testimony from both mothers and care providers, who outlined the increasing legal limitations and controls that are being imposed on women.

The case of Agnes Gereb, a well-respected and experienced midwife from Hungary who is now in prison, was the focal point of the discussion regarding the continual legal persecution of midwifery and homebirth. Cases of persecution in the UK, Ireland, and the USA were also discussed, along with human rights violations of birthing women who have been forced by their medical care providers and governments to undergo medical procedures against their will.

The needs of unborn children were also discussed with expert testimony being given by Michel Odent and Barbara Harper as to the intrinsic dependence of the mother/baby and the scientific discoveries of the last 50 years that support their interdependence and the life threatening consequences of not fostering this primal relationship. Here is the link to the Conference web site: http://www.bynkershoek.eu/activities/bh-research/bhr-reproductive-rights...