APPPAH Welcomes Two New Associate Editors for the Journal !

Kerry Cerelli, MA, CD (DONA) is a certified labor and birth doula, and an early childhood educator. She has been happily running her independent doula practice over the last five years, attending home and hospital births. Her approach to doula work is somewhat unique in that she supports the perspective of the baby‘s experience, consistent with APPPAH's mission statement. She has also been active in supporting families in preparing for conception, pregnancy, and parenthood. As a free lance editor, Kerry focuses on articles and books in the field of pre and perinatal psychology, and runs a charity organization that provides financial support for women wanting home births. Kate White is passionate about communications and media, especially about how to apply the most effect means to disseminate a message. Her career previous to one as a therapist was in the field of communication for social change, working primarily in Africa. She is also passionate about research especially in the field of pre and perinatal psychology and health. She is a mother of two children, holds a BA and MA in Communication and is happily married and living in the Charlottesville, VA in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her website is: Kate and Myrna Martin co-wrote a long article for Pathways to Family Wellness, the feature of their winter issue, The Science of Happy Babies ( A film was made about her work. You can google that on youtube. Kate has also been doing podcasts on the evidence around birth, pregnancy, postpartum interventions: She was recognized by Birth Matters, VA a non-profit in Virginia that seeks to improve the culture of birth in Virginia for my work with moms, babies, and professionals. It was a peer-reviewed, peer-nominated award for the central Virginia region: