Book Reviews

Birth of a Bond: Illustrating a Year of Mother and Baby Development

By Katherine Harmon From embryo to infancy, biologically accurate illustrations from illuminate changes in mother and baby as the two grow and develop together

Excerpt from, "The Developing Mind" (2nd ed.), Daniel Siegel, p. 22

"Though experience shapes the activity of the brain and the strength of neuronal connections throughout life, experience early in life may be especially crucial in organizing the way the basic regulatory structures of the brain develop. These include...the integrative fibers of the brain. For example, traumatic experiences at the beginning of life may have profound effects on the integrative structures of the brain, which are responsible for basic regulatory capacities and enable the mind to respond later to stress. "The essential take-home message here is that early experience shapes the regulation of synaptic growth and survival, the regulation of response to stress, and even the regulation of gene expression." [Note: there will be a full review of Siegel’s book in the next Newsletter]

The United States has a really high infant mortality rate.

Sarah Kliff, The Washington Post. January 9, 2013 While the United States spends more on health care, patient outcomes lag behind peer nations. The infant mortality rate in the United States is more than twice that of countries like Japan and Sweden.