Gratitude to Jeane Rhodes

On behalf of APPPAH and its board of directors, I want to express my immense gratitude to Jeane Rhodes for years of dedicated service. She was an associate editor of our Journal from 2002 - 2008, and editor-in-chief from 2009 to 2012, the latter period including 12 editions—over 720 quality pages. In addition, she has been an APPPAH member for 23 years, was a board member for 3 years, and a vice president. She also participated in numerous congress planning committees, and co-chaired the 2011 and 2012 Congresses, both of which were outstanding and memorable. She resigned from her editorial and board positions in December of 2012, pleased with her tenure of service and accomplishments. She continues as a member of APPPAH, a faculty member of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), and an occasional mentor to APPPAH. She leaves behind a clear legacy. Jeane earned her Ph.D. in pre and perinatal psychology from The Union Institute in California. David Chamberlain and Thomas Verny served as course advisors, and Emerson Training Seminars was an important portion of her graduate degree. She has always been a leader in bringing pre and perinatal psychology to academia, starting in the early 90s with a local community college, and continuing as a faculty member at SBGI and CSPP, where her work is ongoing. She devoted so much time getting APPPAH‘s message out the world, including managing the APPPAH Facebook page. She is the longest tenured associate and journal editor in APPPAH‘s history, her service in that capacity spanning over 9 years. Jeane also wrote and published a book entitled The Birth of Hope, available on Amazon. and was the first American to discover and document that hatha yoga begins in the womb! There are more legacies to name, but one of my favorites is that she invited her grandchildren into her doctoral research, so they share a bond as pre and perinatal advocates. I want to congratulate Jeane for claiming a large part of her life back, including family, grandchidren, and friends. And on behalf of APPPAH I would like to say we wish you well, and cherish whatever precious time we have left to benefit from your wisdom and knowledge and enjoy your camaraderie. We know you‘re not going away and that you are continuing to advocate for prenates, neonates, and for what all of us at APPPAH stand for and believe in. Many blessings to you, William R. Emerson, Ph.D. President of APPPAH