Letter from the President

Dear APPPAH Members, Friends, and Colleagues,

It‘s a wonderful time of the year, with the light returning day by day, and Spring on the near or far horizon, depending on where you live. And there is much to be thankful for, especially the wonderful for, especially the
the wonderful Fall 2012 Congress. We've received many outstanding reviews expressing gratitude. For example, our public relations chair and midwife, Deb Puterbaugh said, "Wow, what an amazing congress! Jeane Rhodes and her team did such a great job choosing the speakers and organizing interactive panels after the keynotes to benefit from participant feedback and commentary. I left the Congress more inspired than when I arrived! I believe in APPPAH's message, and know deep in my heart that what APPPAH can bring to the world is vital for our healthy evolution as a species. As Michel Odent, MD, contends, it is vital for our very survival." Dr. Raylene Phillips, our keynoter who presented "The Sacred Hour" said, "APPPAH is such an amazing community of kindred spirits who validated my long-held "knowing" that babies are conscious and aware. I am proud and honored to be a part of this group of people who work individually and together with amazing diversity, incredible talents, and immense passion to change the world into a healthier place for women and babies."

I'd like to share some additional comments. David Chamberlain said, ―If we torture babies, where do we get off thinking they will become wonderful people?‖ Marjie Hathaway said, "Thomas Verny, spoke on 'Hunger for the Absent Parent'. This is a brave topic for today‘s generation of parents. Thank you." Another participant felt grateful for our ED, Maureen Wolfe, commenting, "Most people have no idea that Maureen Wolfe is the spine of APPPAH, quietly making sure everything functions. She has been with us forever." Most people informed me that the keynote addresses and follow-up panels were sensational. Much gratitude to keynoters Elan McAlister, Peter Nathanielsz, Thomas Verny, Joel Evans, Stan Grof, Carista Luminaire, and Michael Mendizza for their inspiring presentations.

The 2013 Congress is now on the immediate horizon, and we anticipate that it will be another dynamic and powerful experience for all. This Congress is co-chaired by 2012 co-chair Ellynne Skove and new co-chair Peg Bledsoe. We have an outstanding group of keynote speakers including Wendy McCarty, Annie Brook, Gary Malkin, and Pam England. APPPAH will bestow a birth artist of the year award, and the worthy recipients are Gary Malkin, Lisa Rafel, and David Surrenda. Together, they created "Safe in the Arms of Love", a CD and book combo to promote bonding with parents and babies in hospital NICU's. The Congress also features the opening of the APPPAH certification program, where certain sessions provide CEUs toward certification as a pre and perinatal educator. The basic principles of PPP can be applied within many professions.

I welcome you to an enticing and promising Congress on the coastline of California, with beaches and sunsets to die (or live) for. Hoping to see you there.


Willliam R. Emerson

William R Emerson, Ph.D.
APPPAH President