2013 Congress Keynote Speakers

Annie Brook, somatic psychotherapist and movement artist, is a highly skilled clinician, author, and public speaker. Her presentation "How Birth Influences Behavior: Working with the Earliest Brain States and Cellular Repair" - a session not to be missed!

Pam England, teacher and midwife for over 20 years, will explore the social seeds of birth trauma and discuss ways to minimize emotional birth trauma in her presentation "Birth Story Medicine" ~ a way to change the U.S. birth culture.

Gary Malkin, an award-winning composer dedicated to making a difference in the world by creating music that inspires the heart and catalyzes healing.

Wendy Anne McCarty has worked with families for over 40 years using energy psychology to help heal and support babies and families. She will share stories in her presentation "Aligning Our Multidimensional Wholeness and Awakening our Human Experience within Its Embrace: Babies, Families and All of Us!"