Birthing The Future is a non-profit organization that is directed by Suzanne Arms. The purpose of this project is to focus global attention on the critically important nature, and long-term impact, of birth and the entire Primal Period. The first phase consists of intimate Roundtables held in different parts of the world, to gather knowledge and synthesize it into a body of wisdom that can be transmitted to any audience. There have been 4 International Roundtables so far.

The Roundtable bring together women and men of widely diverse backgrounds, experience, age and expertise, to look at what is significant during the Primal Period and how best to reach the world, especially the general public about this most critical phase of human life and development. These unique gatherings take place in small retreat settings, for 4-7 days, where people can focus deeply on the Primal Period and social change. The 1st four sessions have already produced important ripples of change. In addition, each Roundtable is filmed and professionally edited into an education DVD.

Suzanne is planning a special Roundtable for this summer that brings together up to 20 individuals who have been working on one or another aspect of the Primal Period, but who believe that the Primal Period is the key to transforming human beings from what has been a fear-and-defense based species into a peaceful, cooperative species capable of addressing the planetary changes that are upon us. We will gather and synthesize knowledge and look at how to create social change at the grassroots level - in families and communities. This US Roundtable will look at strategies for the next 5 years.

If you're interested in participating in this US Roundtable, or any other, or know of someone who should be invited, please contact Suzanne in Colorado @ 970-946-6994,