How to start a BIRTH rEVOLution

"The work of the political activist inevitably involves a certain tension between the requirement that positions be taken on current issues as they arise and the desire that one's contributions will somehow survive the ravages of time." (Angela Davis)
The BIRTH rEVOLution began on April 2, 2013 in Eugene Oregon, at the bi-annual conference hosted by t Midwifery Today. Groups like Amnesty International, The United Nations, and other NGO’s united to stop the “Medical-Obstetrical Industrial Complex” that is dictating how humans are born on our planet. As far as that machine is concerned, there is only one way, theirs.

The Obstetric-Industrial Complex

For over 5,000, women had been losing ground in regard to ownership and control of their own bodies, thanks to patriarchy. The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), founded in 1951, is a trade association that controls approximately 97% of all births in the United States. The creation of ACOG marked a merging of these misogynistic roots and the commodification of health care. Women’s reproductive lives became BIG business. Under ACOG’s “expert” care, the amount spent on maternal care in the U.S. is greater than any other country, yet it has a maternal mortality rate higher than 49 countries. The U.S. ranks last in infant mortality rates among the top 33 most advanced nations. Women and babies are dying at an alarming rate - but the BIRTH rEVOLution is here to stop this insanity! Armed with the methods found in Gene Sharp’s legendary, From Dictatorship to Democracy, the BIRTH rEVOLution is ready to fight for the lives of mothers and babies. We have identified the oppressor, the “Medical-Obstetricle Industrial Complex”. We have begun to identify the pillars that hold the oppression up. First, the use of propaganda: used to convince women that their bodies are defective, incapable and too week to do the work of giving birth. That birth is overwhelming, painful and out of their control. And that the obstruction is the “EXPERT” who will save the day! Second, a monopoly of self-interest based on a triangle of power: 1) corporate medicine (hospitals, teaching institutions) 2) Health care and Malpractice Insurance, and 3) pharmaceutical industry. And lastly, the cultural hypnosis that pregnancy, birth, and parenting must come second to the much more important work of, getting and education and working nonstop. The BIRTH rEVOLution has just began to analyze the ways the oppressor has found to dominate women’s bodies, birth and human rights. We invite you to join the discussion and the BIRTH rEVOLution. We have a Facebook page and 40 organizers globally. Our first action was a rally at the ACOG’s meeting in New Orleans . The BIRTH rEVOLution will join with Amnesty International, the UN Council on Women, NOW, Midwifery Today, Human Rights in Childbirth, EcoBIRTH, LoveDelivers, , Improving Birth, BOLD, Nocirc, Intac America, Birth Power, ICEA, APPPAH, CAPPA, Lamaze International, DONA, and other NGOs, along with MD’s, ObGyn’s, RN’s, CNM’s, CPM’s, Midwives, Traditional Birth Attendants, Healers, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, mothers and fathers, and activists from around our planet to heal birth. For more information, contact us at: BIRTH rEVOLution on facebook and