This section feature items in the news that are pertinent to prenatal and perinatal psychology. APPPAH does not necessarily agree with, or vouch for, the scientific worthiness of any of the news items mentioned here.

Venezuela's New Labour Law: The Best Mother's Day Gift.

Venezuela announced that a new labour law, part of which will grant recognition to non-salaried work traditionally done by women, will come into effect in May. Full-time mothers will now be able to collect a pension. [May 15 , 2013;]

Flu in Pregnancy May Quadruple Child's Risk for Bipolar Disorder.

Pregnant mothers' exposure to the flu was associated with a nearly fourfold increased risk that their child would develop bipolar disorder in adulthood, in a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. [May 14, 2013; Science Daily:]

Prenatal Care from Midwives May Lead to Healthier Babies, Healthier Moms.

[May 9, 2013; MetroTrends:]

Chemicals of High Concern Found in Thousands of Children's Products.

An Environmental Health News analysis of thousands of reports from America’s largest companies shows that toys and other children’s products contain low levels of dozens of industrial chemicals, including some unexpected ingredients that will surprise a public concerned about exposure. [May 6, 2013; Scientific American:]

Air Pollution Exposure in Pregnancy Linked to Cancers.

Children whose mothers have an increased exposure to air pollution from motor vehicles while pregnant may have a higher chance of developing certain cancers, a study found. [April 9, 2013; Bloomberg:]

Mom's Placenta Reflects Her Exposure to Stress and Impacts Offsprings' Brains.

If a mother is exposed to stress during pregnancy, her placenta translates that experience to her fetus by altering levels of a protein that affects the developing brains of male and female offspring differently. [March 4, 2013; ScienceDaily:]