Reinventing the Journal

With our new team of gung-ho editors, Kate White and Kerry Cerelli, we are about to embark on making the Journal more practice oriented and relevant to our readers’ interests. With that in mind we plan on creating sections within the Journal that will fall into the following categories: Research, Clinical Practice, Interviews, Reflections, and Book Reviews.

The Research section will be peer reviewed and contain papers similar to what the journal has offered in the past. In addition to publishing findings from the USA and Canada we intend to reach out to our colleagues abroad and solicit papers from them about their research. The Clinical Practice section will publish papers by therapists, counselors, nurses, psychologists and others who utilize pre and perinatal psychology in their work. The Interviews section, as the name implies, will be with practitioners in the field who may not have the time or inclination to write about their work but who still have great insights to share about how they incorporate pre and perinatal psychology into their daily practice. The Reflections section will be similar to the Sharing Space of the past containing brief communications from our readers. The Book Review section will remain unchanged.

All of us at the Journal hope that these changes will meet with your enthusiastic approval. And by all means, let us know what you think. We are open to suggestions. This is your Journal. So make sure it serves your needs.

Thomas R Verny MD, D.Psych., FRCPC, FAPA