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Film - In Utero

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Our 2019 International Congress will be in Denver
November 7-10, 2019. 

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OMNIO FUTURE Methodology for PPN Education of a CHILD

Shivanetra Lineage of India has a  comprehensive understanding  of the process of 'Educating a Child in the Embryonic, Fetal and Infancy Stages' of Development (preceding conception to about 2 years of age) . This combined period is increasingly being recognized as the "GOLDEN PERIOD" in modern PPN literature.

Hosted Lunch Tables

Hosted Lunch tables are available to all Conference attendees for an additional fee of $30.
We expect all hosting determinations to be complete by July 1st at which time reservations for the Hosted Lunch Tables will be open here.


Shiva Belavadi


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 20% of postpartum women experience perinatal mood disorders.  This number, however, accounts only for -live- births, and accounts only for 'self-reporting' women.  Therefore, it is fair to say that this number, this percentage is much higher.  What this 'number' represents is an epidemic, and this epidemic is relevant to the health of ALL of humanity.  

The Internal Dynamics of Pregnancy and Childbirth after Sexual Assault

This poster is an overview of my dissertation proposal, including a literature review and the outline for the current study. My dissertation examines the internal world of pregnant and birthing women who have experienced sexual assault. Synthesizing preexisting literature coming from psychoanalysis, feminist theory, and obstetrics, I explore the role of adulthood sexual trauma in pregnancy and childbirth.


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Poster Presentations

There is no fee for this feature. Poster Presentations are available to all Conference attendees and is held in the Hallway during the Conference.

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Shiva Belavadi