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Disclaimer: The APPPAH Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Education Certificate Programis an online education experience that certifies participants to offer educational activities about prenatal and perinatal psychology. It does NOT certify participants to offer therapeutic interventions. Participants will only offer courses as an APPPAH certified educator after they have completed the course and the final exam. I understand the above disclaimer and will not advertise or present myself as a practitioner of pre- and perinatal psychology.

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To Whom It May Concern,

As current president of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) I would like to introduce you to APPPAH. APPPAH is a culturally sensitive group of professionals and parents interested in the brain development of the unborn & newborn baby and subsequent quality of health and human behavior.  APPPAH has been studying the conscious and sentient unborn and newborn baby for 30+ years and has important information to share.  We see that life is a continuum which starts before conception, not after birth.  During this formative period, parents and babies are not isolated from each other, but fundamentally interconnected.  A loving, supportive prenatal and perinatal experience inspires such things as bonding and sensitivity to others. These have long-term consequences for both individual relationships, personal health and a more peaceful society. Ultimately, womb ecology reveals itself in world ecology as the seeds of peace or violence are sown in the unborn & newborn baby.

APPPAH provides valuable directories and resources such as the media center for parents and professionals on our website www.birthpsychology.com. In addition, APPPAH publishes a monthly e-newsletter, The Conscious Baby, as well as provides online education of the 11 module prenatal and perinatal psychology education course (PPNE).

We also hold regional and international congresses as well as publish the professional peer reviewed Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (JOPPPAH). This quarterly journal seeks leading-edge articles in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health, thus providing another opportunity for members and academics to publish their research articles.  The Editor welcomes original papers in the field of birth psychology and may be contacted at editor@birthpsychology.com  

I invite you to apply for our free one-year electronic membership.  This free membership is being offered to students who are pursuing degrees in fields related to maternal/child and family studies; medical, pediatric, nursing, midwifery, doula, sociology, psychology, child development, public health, etc.  Our desire is to offer this valuable information concerning Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology to students who are studying about human development and the effects of the Mother-Baby bond and family dynamics in order for them to experience a professional organization dedicated to this field of study.

Joy & Blessings, 

Sandra J Bardsley

Upon selection by the Diversity Chair Committee, you will receive access to the website and all of APPPAH’s knowledge from the inception of our organization. All research articles are available for free download while you are maintaining membership in APPPAH. Accepted students must provide proof of educational status. Please be prepared to show a copy of initial training attendance or student ID from facility.

It is important to APPPAH as an organization to create equal access for all cultures, ethnicities, and religions.


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