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Antonella Sansone-Southwood is a Mother of two girls, doctor in Clinical Psychology, MA, Educator, Researcher, Mindfulness Teacher/Facilitator, Author. She has a special interest and research focus on the impact of the pre and perinatal period on human development and health, in particular on mother-baby pre/perinatal connection and mental health, integration of primal wisdom and science, psychosomatics, mind-body approaches to prevention and healing. Antonella’s several years clinical, educational, research work and experience with African indigenous cultures, in particular the Himba, and inspiring Motherhood have lead to the design of a PhD and new forthcoming books Cultivating Mindfulness to Raise Children Who Thrive: Why Human Connection from Before Birth Matters (Routledge, 2019) and Gems of Primal Wisdom: From Before Conception Through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. This paper draws on Antonella’s book Working with Parents and Infants: A Mind-Body Integration Approach (Karnac, 2007).