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Antonella Sansone Southwood

Brief Bio:  Antonella Sansone is a research and clinical/educational psychologist based in London, where a research project on the mother’s bodyself image and its impact on bonding brought her. From her 2 years longitudinal study on mother-baby interactions, she wrote her first book Mothers, Babies and their Body Language. She then received a Master in Infant Observational Studies, which further sharpened her observational skills. Her book Working with Parents and Infants. A Mind-Body Integration Approach is an extension of her MA thesis. Antonella has maintained her private practice and prepared couples for healthy conception, pregnancy, and beyond. Her motherhood experience inspired a new forthcoming book on the relationship between prenatal forms of vitality and communication and child development. Having married an Englishman whose home was Africa for the last three generations and working in the safari industry and conservation, Antonella can easily access indigenous cultures, and has gained insights on how to integrate their ancient wisdom with modern science. She recently did a study on the Himbas with her two children and husband, with whom she is writing Gems of African Wisdom. This resonates with her interest in mindfulness as the route to fulfilling parenting, but also to integrate with the practice of perinatal psychology, psychotherapy and medicine. She is currently developing a research project on mother-prenate communication as a precursor of attachment, with mindfulness intervention on depressed mothers. Antonella’s integrative approach acknowledges the invaluable role of maternal mindful nutrition in baby’s brain healthy development.