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Barbara Decker s a Master HypnoBirthing Practitioner, has been a childbirth educator for almost 50 years, Doula and Doula Trainer (CAPPA), one of 12 Prenatal Bonding (BA) Facilitators in the US, and a PPNE.

She is passionate about the need to teach parents about Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology. She has developed a preconception/early pregnancy class to share the importance of welcoming babies and how to have a healthy gestational period by lowering the stressors placed on pregnant women in our daily lives. Since your baby’s nervous system is being programed during the nine months in the womb and the next nine months on the outside, understanding attunement, attachment, and bonding with conscious attention, gives families the tools to respect the needs of our babies, unborn and born. Prenatal Bonding with the baby in the womb is the key to building healthy babies and preparing our families for birthing, postpartum, and healthy relationships. As Dr. David Chamberlain wrote "The womb is a classroom and every baby must attend."

Barbara has been the APPPAH Membership Chair since 2014.


Title: Speaker, Author, Teacher