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Barbara C Decker


After teaching childbirth for almost 50 years, working as a doula for almost 25 years, the birthing community was home for Barbara. When she became involved in Hypnobirthing and APPPAH, a whole new aspect of life was uncovered:-the gestational period.

Once exposed to Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health and the opportunity to study with Dr. Schroth, a love of birthing women turned to passion about this prenatal education. Prenatal Bonding (BA) empowers a woman to trust her instinct and listen with her heart to the bond growing within her-the baby she loves and wants to nourish, not with just food but with emotion. This program can shift a puzzled mother with many fears, to a mother who learns to believe that you can have a relationship with your baby in the womb that transcends all the fear and builds trust and loving attunement to the mother-baby dyad.