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David Chamberlain is a California psychologist, author, and editor who has lectured on birth psychology in 20 countries. In 1974 he began using hypnotherapy to discover and resolve traumas arising in the womb and at birth. In landmark research with mother and child pairs in 1980, he demonstrated that birth memories were reliable memories. David served as President of APPPAH for 8 years. His The Mind of Your Newborn Baby (1986/1998) currently travels the world in 13 languages. His new book, Windows To the Womb:Revealing the Whole Baby From Conception to Birth is in press at North Atlantic Books.
 Although Dr. Chamberlain died this past May (2014), his legacy lives on in his writing and in the hearts and minds of all who knew him. You can access excerpts from Windows to the Womb on Amazon.com by entering either the book title or author name into the search window there.

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