Ellynne Skove, MA,LCAT, NCC, BC-DMT, RPP, is a licensed therapist whose work encompasses somatic practices and creative arts therapies with a focus on pre and perinatal psychology and health.  Ellynne is the founder and director of "GoGo Babies" programs which include pre-conception counseling, bonding and attachment in the womb, soothing, settling, & centering for new parents and babies, baby massage, and the very popular Tummy Time & Baby Yoga groups. She also does birth trauma resolution work for babies, parents, & adults. Ellynne teaches professionals in continuing education trainings in the States and abroad.  She is the co-chair for the 2012 & 2013 International Birth Psychology Congress. Ellynne is especially passionate about helping babies conceived in artificial conception practices or gestated via surrogacy to feel WELCOMED.


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