Gary is an award-winning composer and public speaker dedicated to making a difference in the world by creating music-driven media and events that inspire the heart and catalyze healing. He is passionate about way music can reduce stress, and strengthen our emotional intelligence throughout the transitions of our lives, from birth to death. Gary is the co-creator of the acclaimed CD/book, Graceful Passages, which helps to traverse life transitions with greater mindfulness and compassion. He also recently co-authored (with David Surrenda, Ph.D. and Lisa Rafel) a CD/book called Safe in the Arms of Love, created to support parents and newborns during their bonding process. Gary has recently partnered with the former CEO of HeartMath, Bruce Cryer to deliver presentations and products entitled “What Makes Your Heart Sing?”. Gary has spoken at Google, Harvard’s Conference on Spirituality and Health, Scripps Integrative Clinic, and Kaiser Permanente, among many others. Gary stands for a greater understanding of the power of music as an essential resource for healing and inspiration