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Gerhard Schroth, MD, is Founder/Director of Arbeitskreis Psychosomatik Vorderpfalz, (a medical school of education in Psychosomatic Medicine). He is also advisor and expert at State Medical Board. He holds a special education assignment in psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy and has  30 years outpatient practice as psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, group analyst, body psychotherapist.
For the past twenty years he has engaged in studies of pre- and perinatal psychology and medicine with Dr. William Emerson, Karlton Terry, Marjorie Rand. He also engaged in training and research in Prenatal Bonding (BA) by Dr. Jenoe Raffai and Dr. Gyoergy Hidas, Hungary and holds a teaching assignment by Raffai (venia legendi) in Prenatal Bonding (BA). He has conducted trainings of Prenatal Bonding (BA) Curriculum worldwide and is an international lecturer and writer.
Keynote speaker at the APPPAH Regional Conference at Bastyr University
September 16 and 17th, 2016.
Dr. Gerhard Schroth is the only facilitator for Prenatal Bonding (BA) to teach in the United States.  He will be presenting his talk on “The Powerful Impact of Prenatal Bonding (BA) in the Prevention of Postpartum Mood Disorders”.  Since the inception of Prenatal Bonding (BA) by Jenoe Raffai in 1995 more than 7000 cases have been facilitated with less than 1% of mothers suffering from postpartum depression.  Birthing is more empowering and nursing greatly improved. The babies have solid attachment and self-esteem enhancing full access to personal potential. At the moment there are less than 15 facilitators in the US working with families. The powerful program has the potential of changing the perceptions of women’s pregnancy experience as rewarding, empowering, and healthy.  The babies benefit from the positive uterine experience of being welcomed and that enhances healthy brain architecture. The neurobiology will improve as well as emotional regulation.
We know the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Now we have a tool to help prevent these devastating experiences by teaching parents ways to bring about positive outcomes. Dr. Schroth welcomes connection to answer any questions you may have on the program. His contact information in on the flyer. We hope you will join us in helping improve outcomes of birthing families in the US and Canada. Please welcome Dr. Schroth and his powerful program.
Brief Description of contribution to Int. Panel (2015) (Germany):
A portrayal of the socioeconomic state in Germany is the framework for a closer look to the conditions of pregnancy, medical support, approaches of giving birth, paid maternity leave and early support raising children. - After facilitation and careful case documentation of more than 6 000 pregnancies in Europe and the US, more than 30 years of research the contribution and the outcomes of Prenatal Bonding (BA) can be clearly demonstrated. - In Germany the amazing skills of Prenatal Bonding (BA) begin to encourage a better comprehension of severe psychiatric illness and research in new treatment approaches.
Training is conducted by
GERHARD SCHROTH, MD, Psychoanalyst
Gleisweiler, Germany
Dates: September 18-21 2016, January 13-16 + December 4-7 2017, September 1-4 2018
Location: First and third training follow the APPPAH-Conferences in Seattle (2016) and in
San Diego (2017), second and final training are conducted in Germany(South of Frankfurt/M)
Tuition fee: 1580.- € per 4 days in the US, 600.-€ per 4 days in Germany.
Prenatal Bonding (Bindungs-Analyse by Raffai) opens a window to the womb and helps to create an intense bonding between mother and the unborn baby. This method is at the same time an empowerment for the mother and the fetus and a great help for a full-term pregnancy and for giving birth much more easily. After birth the baby is easy to nurse and is in a solid attachment to his parents. The child has a remarkable degree of self-esteem and full access to its personal potential. - Based on extensive research in Psychoanalysis and Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine, the Hungarian Psychoanalyst Jenoe Raffai, PhD developed this ground-breaking strategy to support pregnant women from the early beginning of gestation till birth. More than 7000 cases in Europe and USA have been facilitated, researched and carefully evaluated since 1995 with outstanding results for physical as well as emotional maturity of the babies.
Prenatal Bonding (BA)is the most extended general health prevention for a future generation available till now.
Registrants are invited from all fields associated with pre- and perinatal psychology and medicine as infant mental health, clinical and developmental psychology, clinical social work, early intervention providers, psychoanalysis, obstetrics, midwifery, doula, nursing, pediatrics, family medicine and related professions.
For further questions arrange a Skype meeting with Gerhard Schroth or call+49 6345 942285prenatal.bonding.ba@schroth-apv.com