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Brief Bio: For the past 5 decades John C. Chamberlain has engaged and connected community groups and businesses with his leadership and strategic thinking. A serial entrepreneur since his youth, he currently advises early stage enterprises how to form and grow into scaled mass market operations. He attended Andover and Princeton where his academic focus was on the human intersection with technology. This theme continues to intrigue him through ventures that leverage technologies to make lives better. He is a popular public speaker and for the past 20 years has specialized in providing software solutions for citizen engagement in legislative advocacy. 
Chamberlain has managed billion-dollar commercial real estate, and a helped to run a global nonprofit with students in 31 countries. His unique branding, marketing and sales approach has resulted in recordsetting sales. His convergent thinking creates refreshing solutions to long-standing unsolved problems. His sense of proportion and practical implementation skills have inspired his clients to gain and hold the leading edge of their markets. He is a 5-time national champion in rowing and cycling holding records in both sports.  He has ridden 330,000 miles on his bicycle since 1970, and walked 1,300 miles of the Appalachian Trail, summited Mt. Rainier, Matterhorn, Jungfrau, and Long’s Peak. He has played violin for 54 years.