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Mary Esther Malloy, MA, is the mother of three children, a Bradley childbirth educator, and an experienced labor support doula who facilitates All About Birth workshops for Choices in Childbirth in New York City. She invites you to her website www.mindfulbirthny.com and her blog www.thebirthpause.com. She would like to thank Abigail Santamaria for tenderly and tenaciously encouraging this project forward. This paper was fortunate to have such a doula. A big thank you as well to Rachel and Jonathan for sharing their story, and to Karen Strange for her tireless efforts to shift our thinking around the meaning of our earliest experiences.

Contact: Mary Esther Malloy, Mindful Birth NY, 145 James Street, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

maryesthermalloy@gmail.com, 347-276-2819